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Volume 9, Issue 26, July 2016


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Immediate Detection of DDoS Attacks with using NetFlow on Cisco Devices IOS
Mahmoudreza Tahmassebpour
Total views: 83
The Effect of Team Projects on Education Satisfaction
Minsoo Park, Myung-Seong Yim
Total views: 16
A Semiotics Analysis on the Artistry of Paul Gauguin in Popular Culture Focusing on Saussure’s Semiology and Barthes’ Myth, the Gaze and the other, and Binary Oppositions
Man Ki Kim, Hak Soo Han, Eun Mi Park
Total views: 18
Analysis on the Semiotics for the Canvas of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera -Focus on the Icon·Index·Symbol of 3 classification Charles S. Peirce’s Semiotic
Man-Ki Kim
Total views: 14
A Study on Business Model Consulting Framework for Technology Commercialization of ICT SMEs
Jun Cheol Lee, Jung-Wan Hong, Seok Kee Lee
Total views: 24
Study on Establishing Growth Strategy System for Pre World Class Companies
Mun-Jeong Kang, Sae-Hong Cho, Jung-Wan Hong
Total views: 10
The Development of the Bodysuit Pattern on Golden Body Proportion Focusing on Middle-Aged Women
Heh Soon Jung, Mi Hyang Na
Total views: 5
The Effects of Stress, Depression, and Family System Perception on the Well-being of Immigrant Women: The Mediating Effect of Mental Violence
Chang Seek Lee, Eun Soo Jang
Total views: 15
The Effects of Acculturative and Family-related Stress on the Well-being of Immigrant Women in Korea: The Mediating Effect of Hope
Chang Seek Lee, Ji Young Park
Total views: 14
A Study on the Market Competitiveness of Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses Utilizing CBMI(Convergence Business Model Innovation)
Eun-Young Park, Dong-Gi Kwag, Sung-Uk Bae
Total views: 7
A Delphi Study on the Convergence Program based on Rhizome Thinking and Expression in Engineering
Sung-Mi Park
Total views: 7
A study on User Behaviors for Consulting of Fintech Companies
ByeongHoon Yoon, JungRyol Kim, YenYoo You, SangBong Kim
Total views: 6
The Structural Relationships between Social Support, Emotional Intelligence, Self-esteem, and Hope in Rural Elementary School Students
Chang Seek Lee, Yeoun Kyung Hwang
Total views: 12
Effect of Consumer Value on the Brand Identification and Loyalty in Airline Service
Ko Seon Hee
Total views: 6
A Mediating Role of the Attributes of Information Source Depending on the Experience of using the Outdoor Advertisement Media: Focusing on the Digital Signage
Park Heerang, Kim Jae Young
Total views: 6
Development of Three Electrode System for Optimizing the Parameters of Hybrid Capacitor
Priti Kadam, R. M. Holmukhe, P. B. Karandikar
Total views: 12
An Experimental Study of pH Value and Flexural Strength of Cement Sand Mortar with Surface Untreated Multi-Walled CNTs
K. Srinivasan, V. Sundararajulu
Total views: 218
Newspaper Headlines as a Marker of a Language Picture of the World
Kuanysh Sovetuly Yergaliyev, Adilbek Dautbekovich Amrenov, Bakytjan Masalimovna Kadyrovа, Kenzhegul Kabylgazinovna Esirkepоva, Maygul Irangaipovna Orazhanova
Total views: 14
A Method to Cope with Black Holes’ Attack in Mobile Networks and the Study of their Impact on the Basic Parameters of AODV and DSR Protocol
Ali Akbar Arjmand Hashjin, Amir Najafi
Total views: 14
Performance Evaluation and Scalability of IP-based and Heuristic-based Job Scheduling Algorithm Backup Systems
Mahmoudreza Tahmassebpour
Total views: 10
A Novel Approach in Vehicle Object Classification System with Hybrid of Central and Hu Moment Features using Back Propagation Algorithm
R. Jayadurga, R. Gunasundari
Total views: 4
Public Advertising Contents and Storytelling
Kyung Sook Kim, Chan Jung Park
Total views: 7
The Effects of Depression and Family System Perception on the Life Satisfaction of Immigrant Women: The Mediating Effects of Mental Violence
Chang Seek Lee, Hyun Hee Yu
Total views: 3
A Heuristic Approach for Phasor Measurement Units Placement in Power System
Mavuri S. M. Ravi Teja, Gattu Kesava Rao
Total views: 25
Performance Evaluation of Smart Antennas Employing Adaptive Elliptical and Hexagonal Arrays using Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm
G. Viswanadh Raviteja, K. Sridevi, A. Jhansi Rani
Total views: 3
An Insight into Adaptive Elliptical and Hexagonal Arrays Synthesis using Normalized Fractional Least Mean Squares Algorithm
G. Viswanadh Raviteja, K. Sridevi, A. Jhansi Rani
Total views: 1
Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11ac and 802.11n using NS3
N. S. Ravindranath, Inder Singh, Ajay Prasad, V. S. Rao
Total views: 5
Modified Polar Extended Kalman Filter (MP-EKF) for Bearings - Only Target Tracking
A. Jawahar, S. Koteswara Rao
Total views: 2
Correlated Block Quad-Tree Segmented and DCT based Scheme for Color Image Compression
Ashwaq Talib Hashim, Zaid Mundher Radeef
Total views: 10
Design of a Broadband HEMT Mixer for UWB Applications
Ehsan Ehsaeyan
Total views: 5
Methods and Algorithms of Capacity Calculation and Increase Throughput in Wireless Sensor Networks base of ZigBee: A Survey
Mahmoudreza Tahmassebpour
Total views: 19
Image Segmentation using Level Set Evolution Driven by Complex Wavelets
G. Raghotham Reddy, B. Narsimha, B. Rajender Naik, Rameshwar Rao
Total views: 6
A Stable and Energy Efficient Zone based Cooperative Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
Spriti Thakur, Gurleen Kaur Shergill
Total views: 3
Optimal Wind Turbine Micrositing: A Case of Multi-Directional and Uniform Wind Speed
Samina Rajper, Aijaz A. Kalhoro
Total views: 3
Role of Hospital Information Systems in Improving Healthcare Quality in Hospitals
Dhyana Sharon Ross, R. Venkatesh
Total views: 1
Detection of Projected Outliers from the Higher Dimensional data sets using Extended Kalman Filter and Fuzzy K-Means
Kamal Malik, Harsh Sadawarti
Total views: 4
A Study on the Effects of Facebook Brand Fan Page Value Proposition on Brand Engagement
An UnSeok
Total views: 3
The Relationship between Online Academic Credit Bank Learners’ Satisfaction and Demographic Variables
Lee Seung-Gil
Total views: 2
Investigation of Boost Converter to Track Maximum Power Point for the Doubly Fed Induction Generators in the Wind Farm
Tabib Yousefi, Abdolreza Tavakoli, Farzad Arasteh, Abdollah Aghazadeh
Total views: 4
Test Paper Generation System using Multi Agents
Saritha Madhavan, M. A. Bharathy, R. Dhivya
Total views: 3
Performance and Emission Analysis of Compression Ignition Engine with Methyl Ester of Jatropha and Diesel
S. Sivaganesan, M. Chandrasekaran
Total views: 4
Performance Analysis of Wireless Sensor Network by Varying Reporting Rate
Nikhil Kothawade, Amar Biradar, Ketan Kodmelwar, K. P. Tambe, Vivek Deshpande
Total views: 36
Comparative Analysis of PWM Controlling Techniques of Single Phase Z-Source Inverter
R. Sivapriyan, S. Umashankar
Total views: 102
Cluster Based Mutual authenticated key agreement based on Chaotic Maps for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Arshad Ahmad Khan Mohammad, Ali Mirza, Srikanth Vemuru
Total views: 89
A Novel Technique to Control Congestion and Energy Aware Routing Scheme for Wireless Mobile Ad hoc Networks
M. Kokilamani, E. Karthikeyan
Total views: 6
Wavelet Transform of Modal Data of Beam in Damage Detection Exercise
Naresh Jaiswal, Deepak Pande
Total views: 3
Design of Hierarchical Trust based Efficient Cluster Head Selection in WSN (HTECH)
L. Ramalingam, S. Audithan
Total views: 6
Big Data Analytics with Apache Hadoop MapReduce Framework
L . Greeshma, G. Pradeepini
Total views: 11
Stabilized Control in Micro Chips using Scada System Techniques
Md Nihal Farhan, S. Nivash, A. Monisha, A. Manjusha Chandran
Total views: 26
A study on the Impact of Consultants’ Nonverbal Communication on Customer Satisfaction, Trust, and Long-term Relationship Orientation of the Client Firm
SungHee Yoon, SangBong Kim, JungRyol Kim, YenYoo You
Total views: 2
Liquid Chromatography Coupled to Mass Spectrometry Based Identification of Elite Chemotypes of Adhatoda vasica Nees for Profitable Agronomy – A Farmer Centric Approach
R. S. Sai Murali, R. Basavaraju, G. Nageswara Rao
Total views: 17
Performance Analysis of Static and Dynamic State Estimation Incorporating Synchro Phasor Measurements
B. Mounika, S. V. N. L. Lalitha, M. Ramamoorty
Total views: 22
The Structural Relationship among Service Failure, Service Recovery, Emotional Reaction and Recovery Satisfaction in the Airline Service
Ko Seon Hee
Total views: 1
Influence of Family Strength on the Psychological Well-Being of Adults- Focusing on Mediation Effect of Social Capital
Moo-Young Lee, Su-Sun Park
Total views: 1
Study on the Effective Leadership Strategies for Leader
Manoh Han
Total views: 3
Freedom of Speech in Advertising and Defamation
Min-Wook Choi
Total views: 10
Nurses’ Anger Expression and Ways of Coping after Violent Experiences
Gyun-Young Kang, Cha -Soon Choi
Total views: 5
The Effects of Multiple Endorsements of a Celebrity Spokesperson on Advertising Evaluations
Jinyoung Ki, Sangpil Han
Total views: 3
A Study on Image Selection for the Development of Educational Contents Enhancing Undergraduates’ Creativity and Personality
Se-Jin Eom, Jeong-Jin Youn, Hyoung-Jae Kim
Total views: 1
Development of e-Competency Framework for e-Learning Instructional Designer
Yong Kim
Total views: 5
Underground Structures of the Seoul Sungnyemun Gate
Hee Soo Choi, Chan Hee Lee, Sung Min Lee
Total views: 1
Characteristics of Five Personality Factors and Satisfaction Level of Friendship in the Dormitory Staying High School Students
Sung-Joo Park, Ye-Jong Lee
Total views: 1
The Relationship between Family Strength of Female Middle School Students and their Adjustment to School Life
Soonyoung Yun, Shinhong Min
Total views: 2
Factors Associated with Decision to Participate in Physical Activity by People with Spinal Cord Injury: An Analysis using Decision Tree
Minyoung Kim, Chun-Jong Kim
Total views: 3
The Effects of Support and ADL on Suicidal Ideation among Elderly in Korea: The Mediating Effect of Self-esteem and Hope
Yong Mi Kim, Chang Seek Lee
Total views: 2
The Analysis on the Community Child Care Center Workers’ Level of Satisfaction in the Business of Supporting Child Welfare Teachers and Factors Influencing their Satisfaction
Kyoung-Tae Kim, Su-Sun Park
Total views: 3
How are Serious Games used in the Classroom setting? - Based on the Learning Theory
Chung-Il Hwang, Sahoon H. Kim
Total views: 5
A Study on the Impact on Life and Work Satisfaction and Stress with the Utilization of ICT1 Equipment on the Body of Disabled2 Workers
Kim Min-Young
Total views: 2
Development of Virtual Reality-Based Edutainment Contents for Children’s English Education
Kim Young Mi, Kim Ji Hye, Lee Kyoung Hak, Bang Yun Kyeong
Total views: 7
A Study on the Communication Behavior About Situation Recognition and Prior Knowledge: Side Effects of Vaccination Based on the Situation Theory
Kim Yoonhee
Total views: 1
The Addiction Phenomenon and Travel: An Exploratory Study
Chul Jin Lee, Eun Jeong Noh, Jae Woo Choi
Total views: 4
A Study on the effect of Consulting, Education and Conflict Levels on the Competitiveness of Small Businesses Cooperative
Wooso Jeon, Yen-Yoo You, Myung-Soo Kang
Total views: 1
A Study on the effect of Consultant Selection on Consulting Satisfaction and Perceived Performance of Consulting
Wooso Jeon, Yen-Yoo You, Jung-Wan Hong
Total views: 2
The Influence the Middle-Schoolers’ Career Path Anxiety has on their Psychological Well-Being: Focusing on the ModeratingEwffect of Ego-Resilience
Sung-Jin Kim, Woong-Soo Kim, Dong-Joo Kim
Total views: 4
A Study on Policy effects on Boosting R&D Intensity of Domestic Companies
Mun-Jeong Kang, Jin-Taek Jung, Jung-Wan Hong
Total views: 4
Ultrastructural Characteristics of Neonate Scalp Hair
Hee Joong Jung, Byung Soo Chang
Total views: 4
Research about Safety Culture Perception and Safety Behavior of Members in Low Cost Carriers in Korea
Gyu-Hyeong Kim, Sung-Youn Yang
Total views: 1
Developing Framework and Indicators for Assessing Organizational Intelligence
Myeong-Ryoon Oh, Sang -Wook Kim
Total views: 1
The Tourists’ Behavioral Intention on the Souvenir of Pottery from Onggi and Attribute of Tourism Souvenir
Jong-Im Yang
Total views: 2
Subjectivity of Nursing Students’ Perception of Happiness
Yun-Jeong Kim
Total views: 1
Effect of Psychomotricity by ADHD Children on the Ego-Resilience and Social Relation Skill of Convergence
Haemi Kim, Youn-Tae Suh
Total views: 3
Relation Research on Job Demand-Control-Support, Work-Leisure Conflict, Quality of Life in Tourism Employee’s
Hye-Young Kim, Young -Kwan Yang
Total views: 1
Why Young People use Social Media for Sports: A Uses and Gratifications Perspective
Daewook Kim, Soo-Yeon Kim, Myung-Il Choi
Total views: 8
A Study on the Factors that Affect the Enterpreneurial Intention of Pre-Entrepreneurs: Focusing on the Moderating Effect of Self-Efficacy
Bit-Na Yun, Dong-Hyun Lim, Guozhong Li, Seong-Taek Park
Total views: 6
The Effect of Authentic Leadership on Organizational Effectiveness: The Mediating Effects of Self-Efficacy
Eun-Mi Park, Joung-Hae Seo
Total views: 2
A Study on the Difference in Leadership Recognition in Korea vs China: Focusing on Questionnaire Survey
Jae-Boong Kim, Soon-Ho Park, Sung-Duk Kang
Total views: 1
A Study of Factors that Affect the Right to be Forgotten and Self-Disclosure Intent in SNS
Hyuk Im, Seong-Taek Park, Mi-Hyun Ko
Total views: 3
The Impacts of CSR Program on Young Students' Attitudes toward the Corporation and Natural Environment: Tourism Study from a Convergence Perspective
Seung-Ho Youn, Si-Young Ryu
Total views: 1
Study on Learning Styles and Confucian Culture
Asuncion Perez, Myeong-Hee Shin
Total views: 2
A Study on the Effects of Risk and Uncertainty of Information on Service Quality Assessment with Focus on Cancer Patients’ Cases
Inhee Youn, Seungbaum Kim, Lee Yoon Hyeon, Lee Yun Seok, Hee Tae Chung
Total views: 1
Effects of VMD Elements in Sports Product Fashion Stores on Customer Attitude and Product Purchase Intention- Centering around Chinese College Students and Sports Product Stores
Chao Ding, Young-Sook Lee
Total views: 6
A Study on the Impact of Social Commerce Purchase Decision Factors on Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty and Repurchase Intention
Jae-Hak Lee
Total views: 2
Importance-performance Analysis on Foodservice Management Items of the Dieticians at Long-term Care Hospitals
Joo Eun Lee
Total views: 3
Social Capital Of University Faculties, Corporate Absorptive Capacity, and Performance of University-Industry (UI) Joint R&D Project in Korea
Kyoung-Joo Lee
Total views: 1
Analysis on the Political Discourse on Exclusive State Publication of Korean History Textbooks Focusing on Political Articles Published on Chosun Ilbo and Kyunghyang Shinmun
Man-Ki Kim, Hak Soo Han
Total views: 1
Skepticism of Consumers Depending on their Experience of using Facebook and the Communication Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities
Kim Jae-Young
Total views: 3
Effect of the In-Flight Meal Service Quality on the Customer Value and Loyalty
JooEun Lee, SeonHee Ko
Total views: 3
Redistributive Effect of a New Housing Subsidy in Korea
Seung-Rae Kim, Bongje Choi, Byung In Lim
Total views: 3
A Comparison of the Poverty and the Consumption Between Poor and Non-poor Elderly Households
Sung Tai Kim, Jae Eun Seok, Byung In Lim
Total views: 5
Structure and Characteristics of Transaction Network in Korean Non-Financial Industries
Jung Jaeheon, Chang Ji Sang
Total views: 1
The Effects of Hope, Emotional Intelligence, and Stress on the Self-esteem of Rural Elementary School Students in Korea: The Mediating Effect of Social Support
Chang Seek Lee, Yeoun Kyung Hwang
Total views: 3
A Study on the Characteristics of Quality Elements of Consulting Service (using AHP Model)
Park Sang-Hyup, Gwon Hyeok-Je, You Yen-Yoo
Total views: 3
Effects of Facebook Fan Page Users’ Social Capital Needs, Innovativeness and Self-Presentation Needs on Interactive Behavior: Brand Identification as a Moderator Variable
Yoonhee Kim, Sangpil Han
Total views: 1
A Review of Research on Counselor Development in Korea (2006~2015)
Lee Hyunjung, Kim Youngeun
Total views: 1
A Study of Relationship of Authentic Leadership, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Self-efficacy
Jang-Hum Yon, Jae-Boong Kim, Kil-Man Ko, Soon-Ho Park
Total views: 3
The Advertising Effect of PPL within Webtoon: Focusing on the Components of Engagement
Yun Seul Choi, Seung YeobYu
Total views: 1
Behavioral Economic View: The Episode of Won/USDollar Exchange Rate during the Crisis
Jeongseok Song, Myeonggil Choi
Total views: 1
Industrial Network Analysis Using Inter-Firm Transaction Data
Yun-Jung Lee, Su-Do Kim, Jang-Pyo Hong, Hwan-Gue Cho, Seong-Min Yoon
Total views: 2
The Effect of Social Support on the Feeling of Happiness of Children Using Community Child Care Centers
Geum-ok Woo, Su-Sun Park
Total views: 1
Neural Network Enabled WSN Management for Energy Efficient Routing Mechanism
Nilayam Kumar Kamila, Sunil Dhal, Bhagirathi Nayak
Total views: 4
A Study on Differences in Attitudes and Memory Effects according to the Regulatory Focus Tendencies of Facebook Users and the Types of Message Appeals
Kwang Seok Han
Total views: 2
Complexity and Similarity of Recipes based on Entropy Measurement
Su-Do Kim, Yun-Jung Lee, Hwan-Gue Cho, Seong-Min Yoon
Total views: 1
A Phenomenological Study on Play in Early Childhood in Korean Early Childhood Education Institutions
Mee-Ryang Kweon, Seong-Won Kim
Total views: 4
Effect of Psychomotricity by the Adolescent on the Anger Management of Convergence
Haemi Kim, Sang Doo Kim, Dong Kyun Ko, Il Myeong Kim, Soon Sim Yeo
Total views: 4
Second Language Learning Convergence System Based on Big Data
Jae-il Yi
Total views: 6
The Application based on Creativity/Personality Education Program using a Digital Curation System
Byumg-Man Kim, Jung-In Kim, Jeong-Jin Youn
Total views: 3
The Structutal Relationship among Authentic Leadership, Trust in Supervisor, Innovative Behavior and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Park Jung Min, Seon Hee Ko
Total views: 7



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