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Volume 10, Issue 2, January 2017


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Natural Fiber Composites as Potential External Strengthening Material – A Review
Foo Sheng Tong, Siew Choo Chin, Shu Ing Doh, Jolius Gimbun
Total views: 70
The Effect of Passive-Active Interaction Method on Drag Reduction Performance in Rotating Disk Apparatus
Hayder A. Abdulbari, Mohamad Amran Mohd Salleh, Musaab K. Rashed, M. Halim Shah Ismail
Total views: 42
Morphological and Biochemical Characteristics on Different Accession of Pegaga
Suat-Hian Tan
Total views: 38
Photoinitiated Dispersion Polymerization of Crosslinked Polymer in Polar Solvents: Effect of Reaction Parameter on Morphology, Size and Size Distribution and Yield
R. Mahmod, M. Z. Yahya, N. Abdullah
Total views: 15
Understanding the Effect of Surface Terrain on Pollution Transport around Gebeng Industrial Area
Norliyana Erain, Woon Phui Law, Noram Irwan Ramli, Siew Choo Chin, Jolius Gimbun
Total views: 17
Experimental Investigation of Hydrodynamic Coefficients for Short-Crested Waves
Ng Cheng Yee, Siti NorAdha Binti Tuhaijan, Ligar A. Pangestu
Total views: 17
Flow Design of Sewerage System – A Case Study in Taman Pandan Damai, Kuantan
Su Kong Ngien, Hiew Thong Yap
Total views: 14
Comparison of Controller and Interaction Analysis of Multi-Vessel Batch Distillation
N. H. Sabri, A. Hisyamand, B. Abd Aziz
Total views: 22
Impregnated Palm Kernel Shell Activated Carbon for CO2 Adsorption by Pressure Swing Adsorption
A. R. Hidayu, N. Muda
Total views: 23
Study on the Effects of Electrode and Microchannel Sizes on the Performance of MBEB
Esmail A. Basheer, Hayder A. Bari
Total views: 25
Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Amine-CO2 Absorption Process
N. Harun, E. E. Masiren
Total views: 17
Development of Regression Models by Closed–Loop Identification of Distillation Column - A Case Study
Fahim Uddin, Lemma Dendena Tufa, Syed A. Taqvi, Nithianantham Vellen
Total views: 930
Influence of PVDF/Pebax TFC Casting Temperature towards CO2/N2 Gas Separation
M. S. Abdul Wahab, A. R. Sunarti
Total views: 16
Disasters Worldwide and Floods in the Malaysian Region: A Brief Review
Syed Muzzamil Hussain Shah, Zahiraniza Mustaffa, Khamaruzaman Wan Yusof
Total views: 53
Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction on Phenolic and Flavonoid Content from Phyllanthus niruri Plant
Suok Ling Nguang, Yi Ling Yeong, Sook Fun Pang, Jolius Gimbun
Total views: 18
Investigate of the Effect of Width Defect on Eddy Current Testing Signals under Different Materials
Moneer A. Faraj, Ahmed N. Abdalla, Fahmi Bin Samsuri, Damhuji Rifai, Kharudin Ali
Total views: 20
The Effect of HTAC Addition on the Efficiency of PEO in Turbulent Flow
Sarmad k Fakhrulddin, Hayder A. Bari, Ahmed Z. Sulaiman, Hind A. Rafeeq
Total views: 57
Digital Educational Resources as Part of a Digital Educational Space for a Prospective Teacher of Computer Skills
Ainash Haliullinovna Davletova, Mira Bisenbaevna Rakhimzhanova, Abulay Amirzhanovich Kusainov, Nazerke Nyshanbaevna Orazova, Anara Eralkasovna Karymsakova, Akmaral Hamzievna Kasymova
Total views: 31
Monitoring of Political Tolerance as a Tool for Early Warning on Youth Extremism
Sergey Eliseev, Irina Vicentiy, Vladimir Gluchich
Total views: 21
Development of Low Emission Combustor for 110 MWe Gas Turbine
Lyudmila Bulysova, Vasily Vasiliev, Arkady Berne, Mikhail N. Gutnik, Mikhail M. Gutnik
Total views: 16
Professional Mathematical Culture of Business Informatics Specialists and the Process of its Development at the University
Natalya Ivanovna Nikitina, Elena Yurievna Romanova, Irina Nikolaevna Nikishina, Sergey Alekseevich Povetkin, Veronica Mickhailovna Grebennikova
Total views: 24
Special Issue: Fluid Flow Dynamics in Chemical Engineering, Vol – 1
Balu Ranganathan, Natarajan Gajendran
Total views: 24



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