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Volume 10, Issue 15, April 2017


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Structural Redesign of Artificial Neural Network for Predicting Breast Cancer with the Aid of Artificial Bee Colony
D. Jaya Kumari
Total views: 180
Analysis and Reduction of Crosstalk in Hybrid TWDM System using Transmitter Line Coding Diversity
Rohit Bhardwaj, Prabhdeep Kaur, Amit Gupta
Total views: 68
Simulation Analysis of 240gbps Hybrid OTDM System over Symmetrical Pulse Reshaping Module
Hitesh Kumar, Prabhdeep Kaur, Amit Gupta
Total views: 50
A Simulated Study on Impact of Preference Function on Network Selection
K. S. S. Anupama, S. Sri Gowri, B. Prabakara Rao
Total views: 100
Supervised SVM Classification of Rainfall Datasets
K. Hari Prasada Raju, N. Sandhya, Raghav Mehra
Total views: 129
An Application of Fractal-Based Lightning for SFR Calculation of High Voltage Substations
Abolfazl Rahiminejad, Behrooz Vahidi
Total views: 45
Interactive Online Marketing Via Digital Terrestrial Television
Julio R. Ribón, R. Martín Monroy, Antonio C. Ortega
Total views: 47
Earned Value based Liability Calculation Algorithm for Schedule Delays in Construction Projects
Shumank Deep, Mohd Asim, Syed Aqeel Ahmad
Total views: 67
Balance Cluster Routing Algorithm for Expanding Wireless Networks (BaCRA-EWN)
Preet Kamal Sharma, Dinesh Kumar
Total views: 41
High Performance Optimization Function for 32- Bits Microcontrollers in Key Scheduling of the Lightweight Cipher Algorithm CLEFIA
Edwar Jacinto, Holman Montiel, Fernando Martinez
Total views: 67
Impact of Internet of Things (IoT) Data on Demand Forecasting
Samir Yerpude, Tarun Kumar Singhal
Total views: 202
Improving the Quality of Porous Silica Ceramics by the Method of Plasticization of Slurries for their Application in Thermal Protection Structures
V. A. Beregovoi, A. M. Beregovoi
Total views: 43
Dynamic Detection of PPG(Photo Plethysmography) Signals Using Mems Self Designed Sensors
G. R. K. Prasad, Kara Alekhya, K. Srinivasa Rao, K. Raghava Rao
Total views: 46
Analytical Review of the Development of Laser Location Systems
Sergey I. Artamonov, Nikolay A. Gryaznov, Vyacheslav V. Kharlamov, Nikolay A. Romanov, Evgeniy N. Sosnov
Total views: 56
Experimental Machine Liver Perfusion ex vivo: First Russian Case-Report
Oleg Nikolaevich Reznik, Andrey Evgenjevich Skvortsov, Alexandr Vitaljevich Lopota, Nikolay Anatoljevich Gryaznov, Vyacheslav Valentinovich Kharlamov, Galina Sergeevna Kireeva
Total views: 39
Experience in Designing Multi-Channel Time-To- Digital Converter
Nikolai A. Gryaznov, Sergey I. Artamonov, Victor I. Kuprenjuk, Evgeny N. Sosnov
Total views: 51
Experimental Study of the Hybrid Laser Radar
Nikolai A. Gryaznov, Sergey I. Artamonov, Victor I. Kuprenjuk, Evgeny N. Sosnov
Total views: 35
Study Results of a New Centrifugal Pump for Medical Perfusion Complex to Restore and Maintain the Viability of the Isolated Donor Liver
Vyacheslav Valentinovich Kharlamov, Alexandr Vasiljevich Shumilov, Konstantin Yurivich Senchik, Galina Sergeevna Kireeva, Sergey Alexandrovich Nikitin, Nikolay Anatoljevich Gryaznov
Total views: 40
Tribological Performance of Al-MMC Reinforced with Treated Fly Ash using Response Surface Methodology
K. Senapathi, Siva Sankara Raju, Gunji Srinivas Rao
Total views: 35
Estimation of Tribological Performance of Al-MMC Reinforced with a Novel In-Situ Ternary Mixture using Grey Relational Analysis
Siva Sankara Raju, Ajit Ku. Senapathi, Gunji Srinivas Rao
Total views: 26
Assessments of Desirability Wear Behaviour on Al- Coconut Shell Ash - Metal Matrix Composite using Grey - Fuzzy Reasoning Grade
Siva Sankara Raju, Gunji Srinivas Rao
Total views: 41
Solar ETC Type Water Heaters – An Analysis Based on CFD Packages
Arun K. Raj, K. Dileep, S. Jayaraj
Total views: 31
Sustainable Interior Design for Homes
M. M. Reham, Mohie Eldin
Total views: 33
A Low Temperature Synthesis and Optical Characterization of Mn-Ni Mixed Nanoferrites
Elangbam Chitra Devi, Ibetombi Soibam
Total views: 46
Gait Based Human Identification in Bad Illumination
C. Prathap
Total views: 35
Analysis of Vocal Tract Shape Variability based on Formant Frequency Ratio at Various Conditions of Vowels for Indian English Speakers
Anil Kumar Chandrashekar, M. B. Manjunatha
Total views: 36
A Study on Impact of HRM Practices and Policies on Employee's Organisational Commitment in Textile Spinning Mills in Tamil Nadu, India
Chenniappan Loganathan, Arumugam Dharmaraj
Total views: 32
Micro Financing: Accountability and Financial Management Practices of Micro Entrepreneurs
Farah Aida Ahmad Nadzri, Normah Omar, Rashidah Abdul Rahman
Total views: 31
Heat and Mass Transfer Effects Past a Vertical Cone with Electric Conductivity
K. Subbanna, S. Gouse Mohiddin, R. Bhuvana Vijaya
Total views: 39
Organization of a Unified Coordinate-Information Space to Provide for the Operation of the Multi-Agent Robotic System
Sergey I. Artamonov, Nikolay A. Gryaznov, Vyacheslav V. Kharlamov, Nikolay A. Romanov, Evgeniy N. Sosnov
Total views: 28
Energy Efficient Dynamic Node Localization Technique in Wireless Sensor Networks
Saroj Kumar Rout, Amiya Kumar Rath, Chidananda Bhagabati
Total views: 46
Joule – Thomson Inversion Curves for Van Der Waals Gas from a Mathematical Point of View
J. Venetis
Total views: 26



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