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Volume 9, Issue 21, June 2016


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Implementaion of High Performance Home Automation using Arduino
Aayushi Gautam, Divya Bareja, Sukhbani Kaur Virdi, Sushant Shekar, Gaurav Verma
Total views: 192
Design and Production Control of Biocellulose from Acetobacter xylinum
Norasila Kasim, Norliza ABD Rahman
Total views: 65
Priority based Multi SenCar Technique in Wireless Sensor Networks
T. Priya, S. Justin Samuel
Total views: 71
Need for Social Media Approach in Software Development
Vasuki Sundaramoorthy, B. Bharathi
Total views: 59
Determination of the Appropriate Geometric Moment Invariant Functions for Object Recognition
Vazeerudeen Abdul Hameed
Total views: 34
Survey of Product Reviews using Sentiment Analysis
R. Jenitha Sri, P. Ajitha
Total views: 44
Off-Street Parking Guidance System
G. Harini, A. Grace Selvarani
Total views: 37
Performance Improvement in Lifetime and Throughput of LEACH Protocol
Muhammad Nasir Khan, Mohsin Jamil
Total views: 38
State Space Time Domain AR Signal Processing for Kalman Filter
D. Rajitha, S. Koteswarao Rao, P. Suneetha, R. Aamani
Total views: 43
Studying the Open System Interconnection Model and Proposing the Concept of Layer Zero
Rishabh Mehta, Sidharth Bhandari, Shubham Bansal, Tanya Mehta, Kartik Kalia, Atiqur Rahman
Total views: 32
Review of Fiducial and Non-Fiducial Techniques of Feature Extraction in ECG based Biometric Systems
Zeeshan Hassan, Syed Omer Gilani, Mohsin Jamil
Total views: 31
Radiation Induced SET Impact on DG-FINFET based LC-VCO Design
P. Chitra, V. N. Ramakrishnan
Total views: 34
Jib System Control of Industrial Robotic Three Degree of Freedom Crane using a Hybrid Controller
Muhammad Hamid, Mohsin Jamil, Syed Omer Gilani, Shahid Ikramullah, Muhammad Nasir Khan, Mazhar Hussain Malik, Ishtiaq Ahmad
Total views: 45
Design and Crack Analysis of Pressure Vessel Saddles Using Finite Element Method
A. M. Senthil Anbazhagan, M. Dev Anand
Total views: 37
Effect of Project Management Practices on Project Success in Make-to-Order Manufacturing Organizations
Ahmed Fraz, Asim Waris, Saad Afzal, Mohsin Jamil, Syed Tasweer Hussain Shah, Safia Sultana
Total views: 34
Design and Analysis of Second Order Passive Filters for Grid Connected Inverter with Series and Parallel Damping Resistors
Raheel Afzal, Mohsin Jamil, Adeel Waqas, Asad Nawaz, M. Arifeen Ali, Mazhar Hussain Mailk
Total views: 27
Design of Low Power Digital Clock on FPGA using Different IO Standards
Bakshish Singh, Ayushi Chodha, Bhaskar Sharma, Akshat Gupta, Ishan Sethi
Total views: 24
An Analysis of the Persistence of Earthquakes in Indonesia using Rescaled Range
E. Priyadarshini
Total views: 16
Improvement in Stability of HVDC System by Optimizing PI Control Parameters in PSCAD
Aazim Rasool, Mohsin Jamil, Haaris Rasool, Mansoor Asif, M. Numan, Ishtiaq Ahmad
Total views: 117
Modal Analysis of Ship’s Mast Structure using Effective Mass Participation Factor
Muhammad Sajjad Ahmad, Mohsin Jamil, Javid Iqbal, Muhammad Nasir Khan, Mazhar Hussain Malik, Shahid Ikramullah Butt
Total views: 26
Thermal and Energy Efficient RAM Design on 28nm for Electronic Devices
Diksha Singla, Meenal Sachdeva, Divya Malhotra, Harshmeet Singh
Total views: 22
Power Line Communication
Sandeep Banarwal, Ashish Sharma, Sukhbani Kaur Virdi, Himanshu Verma, Gaurav Verma
Total views: 28
Solution for a Five Link Industrial Robot Manipulator Inverse Kinematics Using Intelligent Prediction Response Method
A. Siddique Ahmed Ghias, M. Dev Anand, I. Jacob Raglend, F. Shamila
Total views: 16
Analysis of Seismogenic Perturbations using Bartlett Method for Earthquake Signatures on GPS TEC
Ch. Goutham, K. Rakesh, K. S. Ramesh, R. Revathi, S. Koteswra Rao, P. Chitra, V. N. Ramakrishnan
Total views: 16
Coupling Measures and its Impact on Object-Oriented Software Quality
V. S. Bidve, P. Sarasu
Total views: 17
Impact of Different Climate of European Countries on Working and Power Dissipation of Electronics Circuits
Diksha Singla, Viren Singh Pathania, Ayushi Chodha, Bakshish Gill
Total views: 22
Comparison of Genetic Algorithm with Particle Swarm Optimisation, Ant Colony Optimisation and Tabu Search based on University Course Scheduling System
Venkat Rohini, A. M. Natarajan
Total views: 26
Investigation of UDP Bot Flooding Attack
Bijalwan Anchit, Singh Harvinder
Total views: 21
Active and Reactive Power Management in Microgrid: Analysis in Grid Connected and Islanded Mode of Operation
Niraj Kumar Choudhary, Soumya Ranjan Mohanty, Ravindra Kumar Singh
Total views: 25
A Survey of Pattern Matching Algorithem in Intrusion Detection System Tehran, Iran
Gharaee Hossein, Seifi Shokoufeh, Solat Abozar
Total views: 21
Knowledge Management - An Empirical Study with Special Reference to Business Schools of Pune Region
Kanchan Patil
Total views: 13
Authentication Framework for Military Applications Employing Wireless Sensor Networks and Private Cloud
S. Magesh, K. Nimala, A. R. Nagoor Meeran
Total views: 19
BER Analysis of WiMAX using Diverse Channel Coding Schemes
Mahwash Manzoor, Lavish Kansal
Total views: 24
Conceptual Design of a Ramp Type Escalator Utilizing Magnetic Levitation Concept
Kuldip Acharya, Dibyendu Ghoshal
Total views: 41
Dimensional Arrow Detection from CAD Drawings
Aditya Mukesh Intwala, Kiran Kharade, Ravindra Chaugule, Atul Magikar
Total views: 33
Efficient Dynamic Time Warping for Time Series Classification
Kumar Vasimalla, Narasimham Challa, S. Manohar Naik
Total views: 14
Performance Assessment and Comparisons of Single and Group Mobility in Manet
J. Deny, M. Sundhararajan
Total views: 19
Electronic Wheelchair for Physically Disabled Persons
Gurjot Singh Gaba, Paramdeep Singh, Sandeep Kumar Arora
Total views: 27
Design and Development of BIST Architecture for Characterization of S-RAM Stability
M. Krishna Chaitanya, V. Ravi
Total views: 17
Multipoint Search Algorithm for Automatic Segmentation of Tooth from Digital Intra Oral Periapical Radiographs
Shubhangi Vinayak Tikhe, Anjali Milind Naik, Sadashiv Dattatray Bhide, T. Saravanan, Dr. K.P. Kaliyamurthie
Total views: 8
Automatic Segmentation of Lower Jaw and Mandibular Bone in Digital Dental Panoramic Radiographs
Anjali Naik, Shubhangi Tikhe, Sadashiv Bhide, K. P. Kaliyamurthie, T. Saravanan
Total views: 28
CAARD - Context Aware App Recommendation and Delivery using Decision Support Systems
V. Praveena, Adithya Raam Sankar, S. Jeya Balaji, R. Sreyas Naaraayanan, Srikrishnan Subramanian
Total views: 302
Study and Modelling of Green Energy based Micro-Grid for Rural Area
Kamlesh Pandey, Priya Banerjee, Devavrat Mathur
Total views: 23
Quasi Affine Generalized Kac Moody Algebras QAGGD3(2): Dynkin diagrams and root multiplicities for a class of QAGGD3(2)
A. Uma Maheswari
Total views: 15
Modi’s Make in India Drive: Right Time to give a National Call to become Global Manufacturing Hub
Surya Rashmi Rawat, Samanth Dushyanth, Anant Kediya, Pankhuri Dhruvastha
Total views: 13
Transformation of Consumer Attitude through Social Media towards Purchase Intention of Cars
Prabha Kiran, S. Vasantha
Total views: 23
A Hybrid Approach for Simultaneous Gene Clustering and Gene Selection for Pattern Classification
Pradeep Kumar Mallick, Debahuti Mishra, Srikanta Patnaik, Kailash Shaw
Total views: 36
Preparation of Aluminium Alloy Metal Nanoparticles by Liquid Pulsed-Laser Ablation
Ahmad Hafizuddin Mohammad Roston, Wan Nor Roslam Wan Isahak, Abu Bakar Mohamad
Total views: 10
Energy Management for a Sustainable Industry: Their Challenges and Scope
Kumari Sneha, Bare Pritesh, Patil Yogesh
Total views: 71
Comparative Carbon Dioxide Capture from Air between Chlorella vulgaris and Chlorella sorokiniana
Noor Shazleen Sharfadeen, Muhammad Syukri Abd Rahaman, Siti Rozaimah Sheikh Abdullah, Zuraifah Minhat
Total views: 18
A Study on the Impact of Google Search on the Reading Habits of Academicians
Arumugam Balasubramanian, B. A. Sabarish, B. A. Sabarish
Total views: 25
An Efficient Time Series Analysis for Pharmaceutical Sector Stock Prediction by Applying Hybridization of Data Mining and Neural Network Technique
Das Debashish, Sadiq Ali Safa, A. Noraziah
Total views: 13
Weighted Quality of Service based Ranking of Web Services
F. Ezhil Mary Arasi, S. Govindarajan, A. Subbarayan
Total views: 18
Fermentative Production of Xylitol: A First Trial on Xylose Bifurcation
Tee Zhao Kang, Siti Hajar Mohammad, Abdul Munir Abd Murad, Rosli Md Illias, Jamaliah Md Jahim
Total views: 15
Effects of Solvents and Extraction Methods on Herbal Plants Phyllanthus niruri, Orthosiphon stamineus and Labisia pumila
Nur Aqilah Kamarudin, Masturah Markom, Jalifah Latip
Total views: 14
Purification of High Value Succinic Acid from Biomass Fermentation Broth Via Nanofiltration
Nadiah Khairul Zaman, Rosiah Rohani, Muhammad Hanis Abdul Shukor, Abdul Wahab Mohamad
Total views: 20
Secure Data Transmission For Multisharingin Big Data Storage
M. Indu Maheswari, S. Revathy, R. Tamilarasi
Total views: 15
Bio-Alcohol from Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Agriculture and Animal Wastes
Noor Shahirah Shamsul, Suryani Putri Ramli, Siti Kartom Kamarudin
Total views: 13
Effect of Sodium Hydroxide Pretreatment on Rice Straw Composition
Shuhaida Harun, Soh Kwee Geok
Total views: 16
Production of Cellulase from Pycnoporus sanguineus
Muhammad Atif Azhari Mohd Azmi, Rafidah Jalil, Mohd Sahaid Kalil
Total views: 15
System Call Analysis of Android Malware Families
Sapna Malik, Kiran Khatter
Total views: 648
A Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm for Computational Grid using Ant Colony Optimization
Hayyan Rajab, Kasem Kabalan
Total views: 31
Trends of Seeds in the Era of Climate Change – an Issue of Concern towards Sustainability
Kumari Sneha, Patil Yogesh
Total views: 15
Retail Online Kirana Stores
N. Srividya
Total views: 280
A Performance Model for FMCG Sector Employees Using Linguistic Fuzzy Multi Criteria Group Decision Making
Abhyankar Minal, Metkewar Pravin
Total views: 288
Application of Bar-Shalom and Fortmann’s Input Estimation for Underwater Target Tracking
B. Omkar Lakshmi Jagan, S. Koteswara Rao, A. Jawahar, SK. B. Karishma
Total views: 15
An Effective Approach for Minimizing Energy Consumption in WSN
Rakesh Kumar, Gurinder Singh, Gurjot Singh Gaba
Total views: 21
Design and Simulation of Hierarchical Control of Two Continuous Stirred Tank Heater in Series
Normah Abdullah, Ramin Razmi, Tan Chung Chuan, Zulkifli Mohd Nopiah, Azah Mohamed, Mohd Zaki Nuawi
Total views: 11
Control of Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor using Neural Networks
Normah Abdullah, Tan Ching Yee, Azah Mohamed, Mohd. Marzuki Mustafa, Mohd. Haniff Osman, Abu Bakar Mohamad
Total views: 15
Physicochemical Properties, Heavy Metal Content and Microbial Limit Test of Bedak sejuk
Mohd Alif Afife Dzulfakar, Noorhisham Tan Kofli, Siti Masrinda Tasirin
Total views: 13
A Survey on Collaborative Categorization using Fuzzy Logic for Improved User Suggestions
M. Anjani, V. Vijaya Kaveri
Total views: 12
CFD Simulation of Gas-Liquid in an Agitated Vessel
Nur Tantiyani Ali Othman, Mohd Pazlin Ngaliman
Total views: 10
An Efficient Integral Power-Elector Method with Enhanced AODV to Avoid Sleep Deprivation in Manet
S. Madhurikkha, R. Sabitha
Total views: 11
Performance Analysis of Edge Detection Algorithms on Various Image Types
Tamilselvi Nagasankar, B. Ankaryarkanni
Total views: 15
An Efficient Object Oriented Design Model: By Measuring and Prioritizing the Design Metrics of UML Class Diagram with Preeminent Quality Attributes
Sudha Rajesh, A. Chandrasekar
Total views: 9
Enhancement of Effective Spatial Data Analysis using R
S. Palaniappan, T. V. Rajinikanth, A. Govardhan
Total views: 16
Optimal Design of Fused Chopper based Stand alone Hybrid Wind Solar System
P. Vinoth Kumar, A. Suresh, M. R. Rashmi
Total views: 18
Quantifying Performance Appraisal Parameters: A Forward Feature Selection Approach
Prafulla Bafna, Samaya Pillai, Dhanya Pramod
Total views: 13
Aging Mentors in the Changing Organizational Odyssey: An Analysis
Jaya Chitranshi, Shailja Agarwal
Total views: 18
Applying Numerical Indicators of Absorbance Spectrum to Evaluating Color of Flower Petals
Vladimir Koldaev, Artem Manyakhin, Olga Zorikova, Svetlana Railko, Alexander Kolyada
Total views: 18
Modern Event Names as the Reflection of Integration of Different Cultures
Madiyeva Dinara
Total views: 35
Landslide Prediction with Rainfall Analysis using Support Vector Machine
Neenu Rachel, M. Lakshmi
Total views: 13
Optimization of Bio Oil from Palm Oil Fronds Via Fast Pyrolysis
Natakorn Sareekam, Siti Kartom Kamarudin, Nor Hazelah Kasmuri
Total views: 17
Effect of Reactant Flow Rate and Operation modes on Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cell (DFAFC) Performance
M. Q. Ong, Z. Rejal, M. S. Masdar, S. K. Kamarudin
Total views: 9
Pre-treatments Anaerobic Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) for Microalgae Treatment
Mohd Sobri Takriff, Muhamad Zuhairi Zakaria, Mohd Shaiful Sajab, Yeit Haan Teow
Total views: 26
Slicing+: An Efficient Privacy Preserving Data Publishing
M. Nithya, T. Sheela
Total views: 283
A Description of Content Based Image Retrieval using from Block Truncation Coding and Image Content Description
D. Venkatakrishna, B. Ankayarkanni
Total views: 18
Reliable and Authenticated Rumor Riding Protocol for Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Network
Mary Subaja Christo, S. Meenakshi
Total views: 28
A Multi-Class Based Algorithm for Finding Relevant Usage Patterns from Infrequent Patterns of Large Complex Data
Sujatha Kamepalli, Rajasekhara Rao Kurra, Y. K. Sundara Krishna
Total views: 31
A Study of IoT in SCM and its nodes in Multimodal Business Process
Venkatesan Ganesan, G. Maragatham, U. S. Lavanya
Total views: 20
Proliferation of E-Learning in Indian Universities through the Analysis of Existing LMS Scenario: A Novel Approach
Zameer Gulzar, A. Anny Leema
Total views: 22
Spiritual Culture of the Kazakh People in Films
Aigul Shaymuratovna Tuyakbayeva, Sharipa Nurymbetovna Urazbayeva
Total views: 278
An Empirical Analysis on Reducing Open Source Software Development Tasks using Stack Overflow
Tirath Prasad Sahu, Naresh Kumar Nagwani, Shrish Verma
Total views: 24
Enhancement of the Regional Business Legal Structure within the Eurasian Economic Union based on the Use of the European Union’s Experience
Galiya Kulubekova, Filippo Viglione, Zhumabek Busurmanov
Total views: 28
Ethnic Identity of Young Koreans Living in the Russian Far East
Klarisa Ivanovna Vorobyova, Inna Ri, Elena Borisovna Gorchakova, Viktor Ivanovich Goncharov
Total views: 9
Design of Supporting Media for Growth of Biofilm in Treating Industrial Wastewater
Hassimi Abu Hasan, Siti Rozaimah Sheikh Abdullah, Nor Ashikin Shafinaz Binti Whayab, Fathiyyah Mohd Zainudin, Muhammad Farhan Md Yusoff
Total views: 20
Analyzing Impacts of Cloud Computing Threats in Attack based Classification Models
R. Kamatchi, Kimaya Ambekar
Total views: 15
Federated Architecture for Ranking the Services in Cloud Computing
L. Aruna, M. Aramudhan
Total views: 19
Optimized Design of Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor based on Maximum Efficiency Operating under the Rated Voltage – based on Software Platform
Saini Raj Kumar, Saini Devender Kumar, Gupta Rajeev, Verma Piush
Total views: 26
Problems of Inter-organizational Interaction of Participants in Motor Transport Cargo Shipments
Sergey Mikhailovich Mochalin, Lyudmila Vladimirovna Tyukina, Tatiana Valerievna Novikova, Irina Vladimirovna Pogulyaeva, Elena Vasilievna Romanenko
Total views: 13
A Hybrid Approach to Content Based Image Retrieval Using Computational Intelligence Techniques
Sumaira M. Hayat Khan, Ayyaz Hussain
Total views: 16
Constructing and Displaying the Trajectory Path on the Aircraft On-board Cockpit Multifunction Displays
V. V. Markelov, A. V. Shukalov, I. O. Zharinov, M. O. Kostishin, A. N. Ershov
Total views: 34
Formation of the System of International Legal Regulation of Telecommunications: Correlation of Legal Regulation at the Universal and Regional Levels
Valentina Petrovna Talimonchik
Total views: 15
An Evolutionary Computation Approach for Project Selection in Analogy based Software Effort Estimation
I. Thamarai, S. Murugavalli
Total views: 19
Design and Development of Experimental Hardware in Loop Model for the Study of Vibration Induced in Tall Structure with Active Control
Nauman Bashir, Mohsin Jamil, Asim Waris, Muhammad Nasir Khan, Mazhar Hussain Malik, Shahid Ikramullah Butt
Total views: 36
Early Detection of Down Syndrome Marker by Measuring Fetal Nuchal Translucency Thickness from Ultrasound Images during First Trimester
R. Sonia, V. Shanthi
Total views: 12
A Design Level Optimization Approach for Functional Paradigm Software Designs Considering Low Resource Devices Development
Selvakumar Samuel, A. Kovalan
Total views: 31
Cloud Computing Security with Collaborating Encryption
N. D. Jambhekar, Sanjay Misra, C. A. Dhawale
Total views: 302
Novel Technique to Control the Metering for Cloud Service using Common Deployment Model
C. Saravanakumar, C. Arun, S. P Sivasrinivasan
Total views: 10
The Method of Constructing an Integrated Corporate Information System
Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Kopytov, Andrey Olegovich Shulgin, Sergey Aleksandrovich Fedorov, Nikita Georgiyevich Demurchev, Andrey Vladimirovich Gritsenko, Vladimir Viktorovich Naumenko
Total views: 12
Assessing Activity of Pedagogical College Students as a Study Activation Tool
Lidia Gennadievna Shestakova, Yekaterina Anatolievna Kharitonova, Tatiana Vasilievna Rikhter
Total views: 12
An Optimized Particle Swarm Optimization based ANN Model for Clinical Disease Prediction
G. Kranthi Kumar
Total views: 15
Time Sensitive Business Intelligence - Big Data Processing Methodology for Frequently Changing Business Dimensions
Anusuya Kirubakaran, M. Aramudhan
Total views: 13
Turkic Origins of the Traditional Kazakh Historical Thought and Islamic Influence on its Formation
Mukhtar Seitkhanuli Isaev, Khazretali Mahanuli Tursun, Zikriya Zamankhanuly Jandarbek, Kopzhasar Mustafauly Jetіbaev, Dametken Dosmukhankyzy Suleymenova, Lazzat Sarsenbekkyzy Dinashevaj
Total views: 13



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