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Volume 10, Issue 28, July 2017


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Voltage Stability Assessment on a Distribution System without Wind Turbine Generators Connected
Agbetuyi A. Felix, C. O. A. Awosope, H. E. Orovwode, A. A. Awelewa, Ademola Abdulkareem
Total views: 191
Hybrid Image Compression using Modified Singular Value Decomposition and Adaptive Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Tree
R. Naveen Kumar, B. N. Jagadale, J. S. Bhat
Total views: 117
Optimized Application Level Checkpoint Based Load Sharing Model for Heterogeneous Mobile Grid Computing
Imran Rafique, Hina Gul, Salman Rafique, Syed Asad Raza Kazmi, Awais Qasim, Ilyas Fakhir
Total views: 96
Improving Performance of Distributed Shared Memory (DSM) on Multiprocessor Framework with Software Approach
Hemant D. Vasava, Jagdish M. Rathod
Total views: 93
The Diagnosis of Diabetic Nephropathy using Neuro- Fuzzy Expert System
Jimmy Singla, Dinesh Grover
Total views: 88
Sentiment Analysis and Prediction using Text Mining
K. Prasanna Lakshmi, V. Shraddha, V. Abhinava, K. Kavya, R. Gayathri
Total views: 84
Review on Challenges in Building Knowledge based Societies through E-Governance Framework: Technology and Management Issues from Global Perspective
Dhyaa Shaheed Al Azzawy
Total views: 174
Effect of Terrain on Stream Junctions and Drainage Density: A Study of Kadvi River Basin, Maharashtra
S. S. Chougale, J. B. Sapkale
Total views: 150
Fusion in Multimodal Biometric System: A Review
G. Kaur, S. Bhushan, D. Singh
Total views: 93
Diagnosis of Abdominal Cancer Tumour by Fusion Technique and Treatment using Radio Frequency Heat
Shirish S. Kulkarni, Sachin B. Umbarkar, R. N. Awale, Abhay Wagh
Total views: 80
Thermodynamic Studies of Transcritical CO2 and N2O Combined Power Refrigeration Cycles
Anjan Kumar Sahu, Neeraj Agrawal, Prasant Nanda
Total views: 59
An Effective Technique for Video Compression based on Redundant Wavelet Transform through Selective Accuracy Algorithm
Nisar Ahmed, Syed Abdul Sattar
Total views: 106
Investigation of the Relativity Errors in Global Positioning System
Parichehr Mesri Alamdari
Total views: 120
Challenges of Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) from Experts’ Perspectives: A Qualitative Research
Shirin Abbasi, Shahin Shooshtari, Shahram Tofighi
Total views: 73
Picosecond Optical Pulse Generation by Nonlinear Mirror Mode-Locking: A Review
Sourabh Mukhopadhyay
Total views: 95
Optimizing Infrastructure Delivery by Public Sector Through Limiting Private Sector Involvement
Chitra Shijagurumayum, Mojahedul Islam Nayyer
Total views: 81
High-Speed 3d Modelling from Premium Rebuilding of Solid State Models
Aykut Zongur, M. Fatih Talu, Ali Ozdes
Total views: 58
Effectiveness of Rotavator towards Cleaner Environment and Enhanced Agricultural Productivity
Ashok G. Matani, Ankush D. Bhishnurkar
Total views: 63
Genetic Diversity and Relationships among Sugarcane (Saccharum sp.) from Thailand Revealed by RAPD and AFLP Markers
Supattra Poeaim, Ailada Chaiyabut, Anurug Poeaim, Kasedis Distabanjong
Total views: 63
Recognizing and Stopping Rumors Patterns in Social Networks
A. M. Meligy, H. M. Ibrahim, M. F. Torky
Total views: 84
Asymptotic Behavior in a Cell Proliferation Model with Unequal Division and Random Transition using Translation Semigroups
Youssef El Alaoui, Larbi Alaoui
Total views: 55
Chemical Screening and Antibacterial Activity of Honey Produced in Benin
Azonwadé E. François, Paraïso Armand, Gbaguidi Bertin, Dougnon Victorien, Sina Haziz, Dah-Nouvlessounon M. Durand, Deguenon Esther, Baba-Moussa Lamine
Total views: 41
The Attractors of Fuzzy Super Iterated Function Systems
Bhagwati Prasad, Kuldip Katiyar
Total views: 34
Studies on the Effect of Superstrate Loading on Artificial Magnetic Conductor Characteristics
Libi Mol Vadakkekalathil Abdul Hakim, Chandroth Karuvandi Aanandan
Total views: 8
Impedance Matching Techniques for Microstrip Patch Antenna
Sonia Sharma, C. C. Tripathi, Rahul Rishi
Total views: 15



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