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A Hybrid Model of Grid Connected Sola Photovoltaic (PV) Cell with Partial Shading


  • Department of Electrical Engineering, Chandigarh University, Mohali - 140413, Punjab, India


SolarPhotovoltaic (PV)-Hydro Diesel cells are being used in electric power sector from a very long time. These solar PV cells have found their wide utilisation in commercial aspects. With the reduction of oil based fossil fuel resources, the various advancements taking place in solar PV technology have further amounted to this important cause. A major challenge in this field is to track the point of highest output power from the solar PV cells. In order to achieve this, various Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) techniques have been studied and analysed in the literature. Out of all, the two techniques Perturb and Observe (P&O) and Incremental Conductance (IC) are the basic MPPT techniques which are simple to implement and analyse. This paper endeavours a novel adaptive new hybrid technique algorithm which is based on inference system for MPPT technique. The proposed hybrid under partial shading solar PV model with MPPT technique performs quite better when compared with other techniques in terms of transient state response.


Double-diode, Maximum Power, Perturb and Observe, Photovoltaic, Single-diode.

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