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Microwave Assisted Casting for Fabrication of Micro Components


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chandigarh University, Gharaun, Punjab, 140413, India


Objective: To perform micro-casting operation by melting lead powder in a micro mold with the help of microwave radiation to get minute shapes in casting. As per the previous research studied, the work on the micro-casting with different shapes has not been done. Methods: Micro mould has been fabricated with the help of vertical machining center. Lead powder has been heated with the help of microwave radiations. Before the experimentation micro mould of graphite of having shapes of star type, and circular has been fabricated using vertical machining center. Findings: Different sizes of 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm of Pb powder was fabricated by melting lead powder in microwave oven and weights are measured in gram which involves innovation using XRD. Applications: Ink Printing, Shape Deposition, Investment Casting, Wax pattern, etc.


Lead Powder, Micro-Casting, Microwave Radiations.

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