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A Design Characteristics of Smart Healthcare System as the IoT Application


  • Department of Knowledge Service and Consulting, Hansung University, Seoul, 02876, Korea, Republic of
  • Department of Computer Education, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, 03063, Korea, Republic of


Objectives: The big-data analysis with IoT is decisively helpful to provide diagnosis and treatment for patients and it becomes useful in healthcare industry. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Implementation of IoT healthcare is divided into five key characteristics: Stability, continuity, confidentiality, reliability and efficiency must be applied to the smart healthcare system to reliable the features of the IoT. Findings: Within this concept, we introduce iotHEALTHCARE to provide improved patients monitoring and diagnosis for shifting toward prevention and early detection of disease and those who want intensive monitoring for health conditions. Improvements/Applications: In this paper, we present the design features of iotHEALTHCARE and its logical architecture along with methodology of implementation.


Big-Data, Cloud Computing, Healthcare, IoT, Sensor Technology.

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