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Transient Stability Enhancement by Optimal Location and Tuning of STATCOM using Biogeography based Optimization Technique


  • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Vel Tech Dr. RR & Dr. SR Technical University, 42-Avadi- Vel Tech Road,Chennai - 6000062, Tamil Nadu, India


In this paper, transient stability of a multi machine system is evaluated when the system is experienced a three phase fault and the stability of multi machine system is recovered via optimal placement and tuning of STATCOM. Here, the parameters of the STATCOM are tuned by Biogeography based optimization and the STATCOM is positioned optimally in the system. The performance of the tuned system is compared with various operational conditions like without STATCOM, with STATCOM (untuned) and with two STATCOM (untuned). The time domain simulations and the analysis of the multi machine system are done by PSAT (Power System Analysis Toolbox). When the multi machine system is subjected to a three phase fault, voltage stability of the system is collapsed. The multi machine system with STATCOM (tuned by Biogeography based optimization) regains the stability and gives better voltage profile than the system with STATCOM (untuned), with two STATCOM (untuned) and the system without STATCOM. The results are evaluated with the other operational conditions of the system and it proves that the system has the transient stability when the STATCOM (tuned by Biogeography based optimization) is applied.


Biogeography Based Optimization, STATCOM, Transient Stability, WSCC

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