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Investigation on the Performance of a Cylindrical Parabolic Concentrating Solar Water Heater


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (ISM), Dhanbad - 826004, Jharkhand, India


Background/Objectives: The objectives of the present work are focused to investigate the theoretical heat gain, heat loss and instantaneous collector efficiency of cylindrical parabolic concentrating solar water heater over a clear day. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The performances of a cylindrical parabolic concentrating solar water heater fitted with copper absorber tube, using water as working fluid are investigated theoretically. The theoretical investigations are studied for water flow rates 0.1 kg/s and 0.15 kg/s between 8:0 h and 16:0 h over a sunny day. Findings: The theoretical results are showed that intensity of solar beam radiation with respect to time much more at noon than that calculated at 8:0 and 16:0 hours. Theoretical solar beam radiation data obtained are compared and validated with that of experimental based published data. The instantaneous efficiency, useful heat gain, hourly energy collected and heat loss are influenced by water mass flow rate. Application/Improvements: The theoretical study consumes less time than analytical and experimental studies. The initial capital investment is must to procure the experimental setup, whereas for theoretical work not required neither capital investment nor procurement process.


Absorber Tube temperature, Heat Loss, Rate of Heat Gain, Solar Beam Radiation.

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