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Weighted Correction and Discrete Wavelet based Fusion for Aerial Images


  • Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology, Samalkha, Panipat - 132102, Haryana, India
  • Chandigarh Engineering College, Landran – 140307, Mohali, India


Background/Objectives: The work introduces new image mixture method combining Aerial Images using improved discrete cosine harmonic wavelet transforms (DCHWT). Methods/Statistical Analysis: An innovative method is planned that provides better results. Firstly, the input histogram image is converted into many segments and then the proposed method is applied to every segment taken for fusion. The performance of the proposed method is evaluated on the basis of PSNR, SSIM and Execution Time. Findings: The method was found to be quite efficient, fast and accurate. Applications/ Improvements: Significant improvement in PSNR and SSIM values is observed resulting in improved quality of the Aerial images.



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