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Effect of Psychomotor Program on the Coordination of Students with Intellectual Disability


  • Adapted Physical Education, Hanshin University, 18101, Osan, Korea, Republic of


Objectives: The study focusing on materials experiences is to make out that how to psychological exercises program impact on the KTK of the intellectual disabilities and to develop the psychological exercises program. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The study consisted of 20 students from two primary schools intellectual disability. The study was preceded for 12 weeks, twice per week, totally 24 sessions and 50 minutes in one session. The achievement of the exercise for the before and the after of the psychomotor was applied by the KTK and the data analysis was implemented by the twoway mixed ANOVA in order to compare between the group and the practiced sessions. Findings: The first, the exercises shows no significant meaning between group and time. But the main effect shows significant meaning between group and time. The second, the exercises of the left and right jumping shows significant meaning between group and time. The main effect also shows significant meaning. The third, in case of the index of the complex exercise function for KTK (the physical cooperative stress test for children); interaction effect shows no significant meaning between group and time. But the main effect shows significant meaning between groups in spite of showing no significant meaning between times. Through the above conclusion, we can find out that physical exercise applied by the psychomotor have a significant impact on the physical cooperative stress of the intellectual disabilities. Improvements: For the more, this significant meaning will be helpful to the diversification for the measurement and the method of the psychomotor on the coordination with intellectual disability.


Coordination, Intellectual Disability, Material Experience, Psychomotor, Physical Cooperative Stress KTK.

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