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Dynamics of Public Space Occupation Economic Purposes in Bogota, Colombia


  • Escuela de Negocios de la Fundacion Universitaria Konrad Lorenz., Bogot, Colombia
  • Instituto Tecnologico Metropolitano, Medellín, Colombia


Objectives: The main purpose of this article, which develops from system dynamics, is to make recommendations to serve for the design of public policies on the occupation of physical space by informal sellers of goods for immediate consumption in Bogota. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The process was divided into four (4) phases Defining the problem and identification of the actors, their interests and decision rules, Construction of the causal diagram cycles and description of results. Findings: The most important results indicate that greater interaction among the various stakeholders would be useful in reducing the occupation and the Mayor of Bogota should pay special attention to the time of working life passing traders working in the public space, as this delay may end up condemning this population to work indefinitely in the streets and sidewalks of the city. Application/Improvements: The presence of street vendors of goods for immediate consumption in an area of public space has serious implications on the success of relocation programs, because it increases the likelihood that a passerby buy on the street, because his decision who to buy it is especially based on the proximity of the point of sale.


Delays, Feedback Loops, Informal Sales, Public Space, System Dynamics.

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