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A Comparative Study and Flow Analysis of Multiple Branch Pipe Flow Header used in Tube Heat Exchangers


  • Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai, India


Objectives: The aim of this paper is to increase the performance of heat exchangers. A flow header having number of small multiple branch pipes are commonly used in boilers and heat exchangers. In the beginning, the headers were designed to give equal flow distribution. But experimentally, it is not equal. In this paper, the uneven distribution of flow in the heat exchangers which affects the performance is rectified. Analysis Method: In this project, the flow distribution among the branch pipes of flow header is analyzed for two different geometrical flow nature (square and circular). The flow distribution are analysed with the use of CFD software. After analyzing the square and circular header tubes, the result values are compared with Osakabae’s laboratory experimental results. Result Extraction: Based on the result values, it is found that header shape will determine and by choosing the better shapes the performance of the Heat Exchanger can be increased and the fuel consumption can be reduced and can increase the total performance of the Boiler. Applications: The uniform flow distributions in the flow header definitely increase the performance of Heat exchangers.


Branch Pipes, Flow Header and Heat Exchanger, Headers, Non-Uniform.

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