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Non-invasive Estimation of Oxygen Saturation Level in Blood


  • VIT University, Vellore − 632014, Tamil Nadu, India


Background: Oxygen saturation level in blood is obtained invasively or non-invasively. Presently, non-invasive approaches which entail photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals are common. Methods: This work identifies oxygen saturation noninvasively with PPG waves at 660 and 940 nmthrough LabVIEW. The approach is tested in twelve subjects. Findings: Investigations indicate normal saturation from 90 to 97.5% in all people. Improvements: Novelty of work is PPG signal simulation for testing LabVIEW blocks. Besides, this technique is easy, painless, fast and therefore highly acceptable.


LabVIEW, Non-invasive Approach, Oxygen Saturation, Photoplethysmographic Wave.

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