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A Comparative Study of Big Data on Mobile Cloud Computing


  • Christ University, Bengaluru - 560029, Karnataka, India


Objective: To find the difference, understand and compare big data technologies which can be deployed to mobile devices. Method/Analysis: This research is a comparative study on recent trends and technologies that have taken place in past few years, which have been shifting towards mobile cloud computing. Technologies are compared on the basis of MapReduce Framework. The comparison is done with the help of results of certain test cases performed by the ongoing research in this field. Distributed computing is one of the common features among all the technologies. Use of graphs and framework design has been illustrated to identify the difference among these technologies. Framework design and its working have been briefly discussed to understand the flow of every technology discussed. Findings: The current technology consists of big data tools used only on computers. This research tries to see the benefit of same big data tools being used on mobile phones. With new tools and technologies coming to sort big data problems, this paper will help in identifying differences among them in detail which will help a user to decide what they should opt for. Application/Improvements: This research can be further improved with to keep track of upcoming versions of Hadoop or spark that will help in MCC.


Big Data, Hadoop, MCC, MapReduce, Spark

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