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A Novel Tuning Method of PID Controller for a BLDC Motor based on Segmentation of Firefly Algorithm


  • Faculty of Engineering of Electrical Power Techniques, Al-Mamon University College, Baghdad, Iran, Islamic Republic of


Background/Objectives: The efficient and robustness of motors speed control are ones of the big challenges in electrical machines drive science. The control of PMDC motor represented a common part of those challenges. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This paper introduces a novel optimizing method to calculate the controller PID parameters in order to get a high performance DC motor. A modification of original firefly optimization method has been done and named as fireflysegmentation method. The new method is based on a combination of firefly algorithm and dividing the searching method as segment by segment. Four segments for KP and two for KI was selected as initial values of PID parameters. Findings: The performance of the new method is judged via MATLAB simulations using typical BLDC motor with multi-known speeds. The overshot an settling time of obtained parameters results show that the proposed optimizing method is superior controller comparing with classical PSO and firefly methods. Application/Improvements: A robustness of speed response is expected through the new optimization method with respect to conventional methods especially in high speed.


Firefly, Optimization, PMDC Motor, PID Controller, Speed Control.

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