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Cathodic Protection of Steel Reinforcement using Pure Magnesium Anode


  • Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna − 473226, Madhya Pradesh, India


Cathodic Protection to the embedded steel in concrete was established using sacrificial pure magnesium anode to prevent the corrosion of reinforcement. Two slabs were casted one containing 3.5% sodium chloride with respect to weight of cement and the other without NaCl. Both the slabs were provided with cathodic protection of pure Magnesium anode. Half cell potential measurements with Standard Calomel Electrode as reference electrode were taken at regular intervals and for a number of days. It could be observed that the potential of the slab decreased with increase in distance from the anode and reduced with time. Thus, magnesium anode was found to shift the potential of steel to more negative potential initially and later towards less negative potentials with respect to time. It could be concluded that use of Magnesium anode could prove to be an effective means of corrosion prevention.


Corrosion Prevention, Cathodic Protection, Chloride Induced Corrosion, Mg Aanode

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