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To Improve the Voltage Profile of Distribution System with the Optimal Placement of Capacitor


  • I. K. Gujral Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar-Kapurthala Highway, Ibban, Kapurthala – 144603, Punjab, India
  • Baba Hira Singh Bhattal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lehragaga, Sangrur – 148031, Punjab, India


The demand of electricity is increasing very rapidly, with this increase in demand the burden on power system is increasing to meet this increasing demand, but it is very challenging because, the power system which we are using is aradial bus distribution system. The main problem while using redial system as a distribution network is the voltage drop which distorts the voltage profile of whole network. The primary cause of reduction of system voltage is, a huge amount of reactive power requirement of the load, because a large part of load is inductive. Around 13% of the generated power is wasted during transmission of power, so it is very necessary to improve voltage profile and to increase the efficiency of the network to prevent this loss of power. The PSO approach has been implemented to improve the voltage profile by optimizing the location of capacitor and to find its size. This test has been performed on the IEEE 33-bus and 66-bus radial distribution system which is designed with the use of MATLAB Software. The maximum number of capacitor units appropriate for the improvement for voltage profile is also checked in this work.


Bibliography Review, Distribution System, Optimal Placement of Capacitor, Optimization Technique PSO, MATLAB

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