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Emerging Technologies and their Impact on the Libraries


  • Sukham Memorial Central Library, Bhai Gurdas Group of Institutes, Sangrur – 148001, Punjab, India


Objectives: Applications of new technologies in different areas of libraries, Changes in library system with the emergence of new technologies, Areas where new technologies applied, Problems in implementing new technologies. Methods/ Statistical Analysis: For the present study review of literature, personal observation as well as interview method is adopted. Visited some libraries in the near about areas and observe them and talk with their officials. Findings: Modern libraries are very rapidly adapted to the new technologies. With the help of web technologies, these can be access from anywhere, any time. Even then these advancements libraries are not properly working and adopting to it, because of many problems like money, unskilled library staff etc. There are very few libraries in Punjab which are fully automated even today. Application/Improvements: New technologies have come in the field of library science and are implementing in the different sections of the libraries. But due to some problems these technologies are not properly applied in all the libraries.


Emerging Technologies, Networking of Libraries, ICT, RFID, Web OPAC

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