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Smart Homes: Sensible Living Using Internet of Things


  • Department of ECE, BGIET, Sangrur – 148001, Punjab, India
  • Department of ECE, GZSCCET, Bathinda – 151001, Punjab, India


Objectives: Home for a belonging is the best place than ever, it provides a restful shelter to us. It is a dream to make it fully controlled from a place away from home. Internet of Things has come this dream true, as it allows the person to operate his/her house remotely from any place where the person is just with a internet connection. Analysis: IOT Homes are the coming time for us when all our home appliances will work automatically, we can monitor our things and home environment with our smart phones. IOT gave our home a power of deciding everything according to our comforts whether we are present or not. It includes all communication phases like machine2machine, machine2human or cloud, cloud and human (C = H). Findings: Various controlling devices like fit bit, remote controlled lighting, etc. Working now a day’s describe the initial phase of the smart livings. IOT scenario will gave home with controllability at distant operable devices using the data packet connection with the world. This paper is about the designing and modelling our sensible home automation system using the Internet of Things. The paper describes the various steps regarding the implementation of Smart Homes in the present days.


Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Internet Protocol, Machine to Machine Communication (M2M), Sensor Network (WSN)

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