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Studies on the Effect of Superstrate Loading on Artificial Magnetic Conductor Characteristics


  • Microwave Propagation Research Laboratory (MPRL), Department of Electronics, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi – 682022, Kerala, India


Objectives: To study the effect of superstrate loading on the performance of artificial magnetic conductor. Methods/ Statistical Analysis: The simulation studies on the effect of superstrate loading are carried out by using CST MW Studio-2016. For performance evaluation, the structure is fabricated by photolithography and the measurements are carried out in an anechoic environment using vector network analyzer R&S VNA ZVB 20. Findings: The characteristics of an AMC structure fabricated on a substrate can be altered by loading an appropriate superstrate. The thickness of the superstrate is an important factor which influences the AMC resonance frequency as well as its bandwidth. The structure presented here is polarization independent with good angular stability up to ±300. Application/Improvements: By imparting losses into the superstrate, the performance of AMC can be changed to an absorber or perfect conductor depending upon the loss.


AMC Absorber, Artificial Magnetic Conductor, Bandwidth, Polarization Independence, Superstrate Loading

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