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A Correlation Study of the Ground Water Quality in the Manali Petroleum Industrial Region in Tamil Nadu, India


  • Department of Chemistry, Presidency College, Chennai - 600 005, India
  • Department of Physics, Presidency College, Chennai - 600 005, India
  • Department of Physics, Pachaiyappa’s College, Chennai – 600 030, India
  • Dept. of Science & Humanities, Dhanalakshmi College of Engg., Chennai -601 301, India


The increased prominence of the petroleum industry in Manali at North Chennai has given rise to a concomitant upsurge of ecological disturbances together with groundwater pollution. Ten representative groundwater samples were collected from various parts of the industrial region in the monsoon, winter and summer seasons during 2006-2007 and those water samples were analysed by standard analytic methods. As many as twenty water quality parameters were taken into account in the correlation analysis. Some parameters were found within and some parameters beyond the permissible limit. Correlation coefficients (r) between different pairs of parameters were computed. Significant positive correlation was found to exist between the pairs of parameters; turbidity-alkalinity, turbidity-iron, ECNa, TDS-EC, TDS-TH, EC-TH, TH-K and CODBOD. It is also observed that, some of the parameters were found to have weak correlation and some parameters have negative correlation.


Manali, Petroleum Industry, Groundwater Quality, Correlation Coefficients

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