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2x2 Array of Circular Patches on LiTiZn Ferrite Substrate


  • Microwave Lab, Department of Physics, Agra College, Agra- 282 002 (U.P), India
  • Department of Electronics & Communication, Anand Engineering College, Agra, India
  • Solid State Physics Laboratory, Timarpur, Delhi-110 007, India


Rectangular array of four elements of microstrip circular patches modeled on LiTiZn ferrite substrate is presented. Here we have considered LiTiZn ferrite as a substrate which has been synthesized by the solid state reaction technique (SSRT). In this paper we present a comparison of radiation pattern and other parameters when the antenna array is biased perpendicularly with varying magnetic field. The array antenna using LiTiZn with magnetic biasing, reports a reduction of radiation of side-lobes with increased directivity with better radiation power response.


Substituted Ferrite, Microstrip Array Antenna, X-band Frequency Range

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