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A Method of Extraction of Non-Text Contents for Extending the Applicability of National R&D Reports


  • NTIS Center, KISTI, Taejon, Korea, Republic of


Background/Objectives: A research report is textual information on performance. With the value of science and technology, it is very critical for industrial and economic purposes such as follow-up studies, technology transfer and commercialisation. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The research report information retrieval service provided by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology. Information (KISTI) offers optimal keywords for search conditions by indexing the report contents. However, various forms of non-textual contents such as tables and figures are often left out from the information retrieval without being included in the indexing. In terms of search accuracy and efficiency and user convenience, therefore, it is hard to support them efficiently. Results: Hence, this study developed a method to extract nontextual contents from a research report and use them in information retrieval with a goal of improving the accuracy and efficiency of information retrieval. Conclusion/Application: This study suggested a development plan for a non-textual content processor which can extract and store tables and figures and provide search services. It appears that there would be more opportunity to use high-quality national R&D report database.


Information Retrieval, Non-Text Contents Extraction, R&D Report Management, XML Data Management, XML Data Parsing.

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