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A Fuzzy Logic based DSTATCOM for Diesel Generation System for Load Compensation


  • Department of EEE, KL University, Vaddeswaram, Guntur – 522502, Andhra Pradesh, India


The main objective of this paper is to enhance the power quality for grid interfaced Diesel Generation system under some non-linear load conditions using a DSTATCOM. For obtaining effective compensation characteristics the damping controller such as DSTATCOM is designed based on model control theory. In this paper a Fuzzy based DSTATCOM controller is designed and the results are compared with the conventional controllers. This Diesel Generation system is simulated in Matlab/Simulink for both conventional PI and Fuzzy controllers. The fuzzy controller reduces the damping and improves the total harmonic distortions than the PI controller. From the simulation results we can conclude that the Fuzzy based controller can effectively improve the THD than the PI controller and enhances the power quality.


Diesel Generation System, Dstatcom, Fuzzy Controller, Harmonics

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