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A Biometric Identification System based on the Fusion of Palm print and Speech Signal


  • Department of Computer Science and engineering, Bharath University, Chennai - 600073, Tamil Nadu, India


Mobile Adhoc Network is an autonomous network formed by creating nodes and establishing wireless connections dynamically, so that messages in packets can be sent from a sender to receiver. The unique architecture of MANET offers several advantages and security challenges as passive and active attacks on the network. We discuss elaborately about the security attacks and two more popular security techniques, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Watchdog and Path rater (WPR). The two techniques are evaluated using two measures, viz., Availability Factor (AF) and Integrity Factor (IF). We present our results and our insights on suitability of a particular technique to a specific networking application. Our research is on-going and we indicate the extension possibilities that we are working upon.


Availability and Integrity, Decentralized Management, Dynamic Routing, Intrusion Detection, Malicious Node, Prevention

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