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A Method for Stable Indoor Positioning using Beacons


  • Department of Software Engineering, Dongseo University, Busan 617 – 716, Korea, Republic of


Indoor navigation finds its usage in indoor shopping, conferences, or evacuation in case of emergency case. The fundamental technology for indoor navigation is indoor positioning. The main problem in indoor positioning is how to calculate an accurate position from the wireless signals emitted by indoor access points. Since the GPS cannot be used in indoor environments, other devices that can be used as access points have to be utilized. One of those devices, which have gained a lot of popularity, recently, due to its low battery consumption and wide signal range is the Beacon. However, the Beacon contains also much error in the estimation of the distance. Therefore, if used with the conventional trigonometric method to estimate the position, the position will contain much error. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a stable indoor positioning method using multiple sets of Beacons. The proposed method alleviates the position error by a signal processing technique. Experimental results verify the validness of the proposed method.


Beacons, Indoor Positioning, Signal Processing

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