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A Message Efficient Group Membership Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Distributed Systems


  • School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Chungbuk National University, Korea, Republic of


In distributed systems, a group of computer should continue to do cooperation in order to finish some jobs. In such a system, a group membership protocol is especially practical and important elements to provide processes in a group with a consistent common knowledge of the membership of the group. Whenever a membership change occurs, processes should agree on which of them should do to accomplish an unfinished job or begins a new job. The problem of knowing a stable membership view is very same with the one of agreeing common predicate in a distributed system such as the consensus problem. Based on the stopping investigating protocol that is traditional one in asynchronous distributed systems, we present the new group membership protocol in mobile wireless networks.


Fault Tolerance, Group membership, Mobile Ad Hoc Environment, Synchronous Distributed Systems

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