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A Method of Reducing the Tillage Energy Intensity of Rotary Hillers using Adaptive Working Members with a Convertible Cutting Angle


  • Ogarev Mordovia State University, Saransk - 430005, Russian Federation


The energy intensity of soil cutting by rotary hillers has been analyzed and the conclusion has been made about the necessity to keep the constant cutting angle of rotary hiller knives for reducing energy intensity. The analysis of the existing designs of rotary hillers has shown that they provide the constant angle, but only for one operating mode of a rotary hiller. We propose a method of energy intensity reduction by providing the constant cutting angle throughout the range of rotary hillers operating modes and the device for its implementation. Preliminary tests of the proposed design confirmed the declared requirements, which we made for modern working members (adaptation to changes of environmental conditions, providing the required quality of soil cultivation, the stability of working unit, reducing energy intensity while increasing productivity and others).


Cutter of Rotary Hiller, Cutting Angle, Energy Intensity, Profiling, Rotary Hillers, Synthesis

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