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A Development of Controlling System of Harbor Terminal using on the Commercial Network


  • Department of Self-designed and Open Majors, Gwangju University, Gwangju, Korea, 503-703, Korea, Republic of
  • Department of Logistics and Distribution Management, Gwangju University,Gwangju, Korea, 503-703, Korea, Republic of


This study researched on the operational management system of harbor based on the commercial network. In order to improve a work efficiency and to save operational costs of harbors, a superintendent who manages every working operations at harbor is able to conform rapidly and cope with circumstances that is required supporting equipment in case of working delay through this system. The confirmation of location information with the help of real-time GPS makes it possible to provide accurate location of yard working equipments compared to the existing way that is used on input information of start and finish working conditions based on real-time location information of GPS system. It is possible to think about existing Y/T Pooling and monitoring system together and it will be anticipated to improve more productive capacity of harbor. The input method of conventional wireless terminal is just used by pressure sensitive touch. The operational management of harbor is a considerable improvement on those currently use because the introduction of electrostatic touch interface and the usage of vast application of tablet are able to change the method of communication as well as the method of work process. The harbor operational system differs from its building environment and the method of supplying information according to its operational system. But the introduction of operational system based on tablet using commercial network make it possible to anticipate to improve the quality of harbor service due to the way that the external information such as a shipping and cargo company as well as shipper is easily accessible to PC or tablet.


Commercial Network, Crane, GATE, Port Operation

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