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A Circularly Polarized Ka-Band Antenna for Continuous Link Reception from GSAT-14


  • Department of ECE, K L University (Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation), Vaddeswaram, Guntur – 522502, Andhra Pradesh, India


Objective: Design of circular ring patch antenna in Ka-band is described and simulated for receiving the dual polarised beacon continuously from GSAT - 14. Method: Circular ring’s intrinsic geometry selected in this work leads to circular polarization and high radiation efficiency so making it suitable for implementing on array and as well as for practical application where low losses are salient features. Findings: The proposed antenna has shown reliable performance which is measured in terms of Half Power Beam width (HPBW), Side Lobe Level (SLL), cross polarization, gain bandwidth and AR bandwidth at resonant frequency of 20.2 GHz. A truncation in the circle of the circular patch is made in order to meet these performance characteristics of the antenna. Applications/Improvements: The proposed antenna exhibits circular polarisation for any polarised incident wave which is desired in most of the communication applications. Results depict that this antennas can be useful in receiving the GSAT-14 beaco


Circular Ring Patch Antenna, Ka-Band, GSAT – 14, Polarised Wav.

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