Volume 1, Issue 1, November 2007

Table of Contents


Comet Assay to Monitor Cell Line Aging  | 
Natarajan Gajendran 1-4
The Usefulness of Comet Assay in Predicting Hematopoietic Disorders such as Myelodysplastic Syndrome and Acute Myeloid Leukemia  | 
Natarajan Gajendran, K. Tanaka, T. S. Kumaravel 1-4
Beach Morphology and Coastal Protection along Ennore Coast in the North of Chennai City, Southeast India  | 
P. Kasinatha Pandian, K. Dharanirajan 1-7
Detection of Taxol, an Anticancer Drug, from Selected Coelomycetous Fungi  | 
Johnpaul Muthumary, Suresh kumar Sashirekha 1-10
Endophytic Fungal Diversity from Young, Mature and Senescent Leaves of Ocimum basilicum L. with Special Reference to Taxol Production  | 
V. Gangadevi, J. Muthumary 1-12
Ecotype Selection of Acanthaspis pedestris Stål (Heteroptera:Reduviidae) for Mass Multiplication by UPGMA Cluster Analysis  | 
P. J. Edward George, Jeya A. Celin, A. Antonysamy, Dunston P. Ambrose 1-5
Cytogenetic Aspects of Neutron-induced Cellular Response  | 
Natarajan Gajendran 1-15
Eritrea Institute of Technology: an Innovative Centre Imparting Knowledge and Discipline  | 
Natarajan Gajendran 1-2
Educational Breakthrough in Eritrea: some Expectations and Outcomes  | 
Ravinder Rena 1-12
Adding Life to the Nanotechnology  | 
Natarajan Gajendran 1-5
Learn the Language of Plants  | 
Natarajan Gajendran 1-3
Endangered Coral Islands: a Case Study of Dahlak in Red Sea  | 
Natarajan Gajendran 1-10
The Root of Life  | 
Natarajan Gajendiran 1-4

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