Volume 1, Issue 3, August 2008

Table of Contents


Differential Expression of PML in 60Co γ-ray and γ-IFN- Induced Apoptosis in B-lymphocytes  | 
Hong Liu, Kimio Tanaka, Nanao Kamada 1-13
Sub-cellular Localization of Suppressor of Potassium Transport Defect 3 (SKD3) into Nucleus and Nuclear Matrix  | 
S. Thanumalayan, V. Venkatesan, M. Laxmi Narasu 1-7
Functional Modifications of Enzyme-hydrolyzed Albumin Fractions from Legumes  | 
M. Rajesh, Jamuna Prakash 1-7
Reduction of power dissipation in sequential circuits  | 
B. I. Neelgar, Prabhu. G. Benakop 1-4
Protection against Experimental Salmonellosis by Terminalia belerica and Punica granatum Extracts: Immunological Evaluation  | 
A. Madani, S. K. Jain 1-7
Discrete Wavelet Transformation of an Image Based on Genetic-algorithm Clustering  | 
K. Vivekanandan, P. Krishnakumari 1-5
Seaweed Extracts Control the Leaf Spot Disease of the Medicinal Plant Gymnema Sylvestre  | 
Chinnadurai Sreenath Kumar, Dronamraju V. L. Sarada, Ramasamy Rengasamy 1-5
Algae as Biological Detoxificant of Aflatoxin Produced by Aspergillus flavus Isolated from Sunflower Seed  | 
N. Banu, S. Sridhar, J. Muthumary, R. Rengasamy 1-5
Ecology of a Dioecious Palm Phoenix pusilla (Arecaceae), Endemic to Coromandel Coast of India  | 
Vijayalaxmi Kinhal, N. Parthasarathy 1-7
Spatio-temporal Distribution of Zooplankton in Chilka Lake- a Ramsar Site on the Indian East Coast  | 
Subrat Naik, R. C. Panigrahy, Anil Mohapatra 1-5
Schiffnerula celastri sp. Nov. from Kerala, India  | 
V. B. Hosagoudar, M. C. Riju, A. Sabeena 1-2

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