Volume 1, Issue 4, September 2008

Table of Contents


Increased Expression of PML Protein in Lymphocytes Induced by Serum from Patients with Severe Aplastic Anemia  | 
Hong Liu, Kimio Tanaka, Nanao Kamada 1-9
Metabolic Influx and Energy Investment in Macrotermes convulsionarius (könig)  | 
R. Kumaresan, T. K. Sankaranarayanan, S. S. Madhavendra 1-8
Association of the Sea–ice in Southern Indian Ocean with ENSO  | 
S. S. Dugam, S. B. Kakade 1-8
Effect of NaCl on Biochemical Changes and Endophytic Fungal Assemblages in the Leaves of a Mangrove, Ceropsis roxiphorguna Arn  | 
S. Kamalraj, S. Sridevi, V. Gangadevi, A. Venkatesan, J. Muthumary 1-7
Studies on the Effects of Ph and Incubation Period on Protease Production by bacillus spp. Using Groundnut Cake and Wheat Bran  | 
P. K. Praveen Kumar, V. Mathivanan, M. Karunakaran, S. Renganathan, R. S. Sreenivasan 1-4
Spatial Variation in Hydrological Characteristics of Chilika–a Coastal Lagoon of India  | 
Satyanarayan Bramha, Unmesh Chandra Panda, Krupasindhu Bhatta, Bijay Kumar Sahu 1-7
Obesity, Inflammation and Metabolic Disorders  | 
R. Raskin Erusan, D. Nalini, R. Malathi 1-5
Analysis of Segmentation of Femur by Filtering Techniques  | 
B. I. Neelgar, Prabhu. G. Benakop 1-5
Length–weight Relationship of Upeneus sundaicus and Upeneus tragula from Gulf of Mannar  | 
J. Mohanraj 1-6
Aquatic Toxicity of Dimethyl Sulphoxide on the Indian Major Carp, Catla catla (Hamilton)  | 
M. Omprakasam, A. Dayalan, M. Arul Ganesan 1-4
An Optimized High-sensitivity Capacitive MEMS for Blood Pressure Measurement  | 
M. Z. Shaikh, S. F. Kodad, B. C. Jinaga 1-4
Assessment of Groundwater Quality of Parts of Gwalior (India) for Agricultural Purposes  | 
Vineesha Singh, U. C. Singh 1-5
Screening of Commercial Feed Samples for the Presence of Multimycotoxins  | 
Narasimhan Banu, Johnpaul Muthumary 1-4

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