Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2009

Table of Contents


Phyto-anatomical Characteristics of the West African {Umbrella Tree} Musanga cercropioides M. smithii R. Br. (Moraceae)  | 
A. B. Kadiri, G. O. Ajayi 1-5
Determination of some Physical Parameters of Olumo Rock, Abeokuta Ogun-state, Nigeria  | 
I. C. Okeyode, A. O. Akanni 6-10
Direct Somatic Embryogenesis in Myristica malabarica Lam., an Endemic, Threatened Medicinal Species of Southern India and Detection of Phytochemicals of Potential Medicinal Value  | 
R. Indira Iyer, G. Jayaraman, A. Ramesh 11-17
Design of Decentralized Load-frequency Controllers for Interconnected Power Systems with AC-DC Parallel Tie-lines and GDB Nonlinearity Using MOEA  | 
S. Ganapathy, S. Velusami 18-22
Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Three-tank System Using Robust Residual Generator  | 
A. Asokan, D. Sivakumar 23-29
Experimental Investigation on a Centrifugal Compressor by Means of Rectangular, Elliptical and Sloping Squealer Tips  | 
S. Senthil, N. Krishna Mohan 30-34
Experimental Determination of Tensile Properties of Okra, Sisal and Banana Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites  | 
N. Srinivasababu, K. Murali Mohan Rao, J Suresh Kumar 35-38
Vegetation Structure, Composition and Diversity in Relation to the Soil Characteristics of Temperate Mixed Broad-leaved forest along an Altitudinal Gradient in Garhwal Himalaya  | 
C. M. Sharma, S. K. Ghildiyal, Sumeet Gairola, Sarvesh Suyal 39-45
Sensor Based on Polyvinyl Chloride Immobilized Pseudomonas striata Cells as Metal-ionophore  | 
Minakshi Datta, Susheel Mittal, Dinesh Goyal 46-50
Radiation-induced Two Oil Rich Mutants in Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)  | 
Sandipan Chowdhury, Animesh K. Datta, Aditi Saha, Susmita Maity 51-52
Transformation of Teacher to Teacher Leader: Indian Scenario  | 
Lavanya Raj 61-63


Entomopathogenic Nematodes in Pest Management  | 
K. Divya, M. Sankar 53-60

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