Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2009

Table of Contents


A New Approach for Self Localization of Wireless Sensor Network  | 
O. P. Sahu, Tarun Dubey 1-4
GIS Based Microlevel Approach for Hydrogeochemical Studies in Upper Manimuktha Sub Basin, Vellar, South India  | 
B. Gurugnanam, M. Suresh, M. Vinoth, N. Prabhakaran, S. Kumaravel 5-10
Studies on Multidrug Resistant Pseudomonas Aeruginosa from Pediatric Population with Special Reference to Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase  | 
R. Amutha, Padmakrishnan , T. Murugan, M. P. Renuga Devi 11-13
Growth Studies of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides (Penz.) Sacc. - a Taxol Producing Endophytic Fungus from Plumeria acutifolia  | 
K. Nithya, J. Muthumary 14-19
Sorting out of Interference in Detection of Endotoxins in Biotherapeutic Drugs  | 
Ramesh Pennamareddy, K. Prabakar, J. Pandiyan 20-22
Studies on the Effect of Ethanol Addition to Biodiesel: Performance and Emissions of a Diesel Engine  | 
M. Pugazhvadivu 23-26
A Study on Expulsion of Cadmium (II) and Chromium (III) from Electroplating Effluent  | 
V. Sathyaselvabala, P. Panneerselvam, R. Arulmozhli, K. V. Thiruvengadaravi, N. Thinakaran, S. Sivanesan 27-31
A Docile Method of Isolation and Purification of Riboflavin Binding Protein (Rfbp) from Peahen (Pavo cristatus) and Domestic Fowl (Gallus gallus)  | 
G. Rajender, G. Benarjee, M. S. K. Prasad, B. Laxma Reddy, B. Narayana Rao 32-34
Generation of Quasigroup for Cryptographic Application  | 
Monisha Sharma, M. K. Kowar 35-36
Node numbering in a topological structure of interconnection network  | 
V. N. Kamalesh, S. K. Srivatsa 37-40
Cellular Distribution Framework for Wireless Sensor Based Decision Support Systems for Crisis Management Model  | 
Sanjeev Gupta, Mayank Dave 41-45
Comparative Studies on the Enzyme Activities of Wild and Mutant Fungal Strains Isolated from Sugarcane Field  | 
M. Prabakaran, V. Thennarasu, R. Ayeswariya Mangala, R. Bharathidasan, N. Chandrakala, N. Mohan 46-49
Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Characteristics of Rib- Groove Roughened Solar Air Heater Ducts  | 
C. B. Pawar, K. R. Aharwal, Alok Chaube 50-54
Molecular Characterization of Vembur Sheep (Ovis aries) of South India Based on Microsatellites  | 
S. Pramod, P. Kumarasamy, A. Rosalyn Mary Chandra, P. Sridevi, P. S. Rahumathulla 55-58
An Investigation of Indian Secondary Level Students' Alternative Conceptions of Water Pollution  | 
Animesh K. Mohapatra, Mriganky Bhadauria 72-76


Detection of Water-borne Pathogens: Culture Plate to Genomics  | 
Usha Dixit, Rishi Shanker 59-71

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