Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2010

Table of Contents


A New Technique for Restoring Cerebrospinal Fluid Circulation  | 
Mingli He 223-226
Periodic Loop Solutions of the CH-DP Equation  | 
Shaolong Xie, Rongchuan Du 227-230
Surface Integrity Determination of Aluminum Plates Using Laser-generated Lamb Waves  | 
T. Pramila, Rashmi Shukla, N. N. Kishore, V. Raghuram 231-234
Performance Evaluation of a Dual Fuel Engine (Diesel + LPG)  | 
G. A. Rao, A. V. S. Raju, K. Govinda Rajulu, C. V. Mohan Rao 235-237
Design of a Ploughshare without Mouldboard: an Alternative Solution to the No-tillage in Tropical Zone  | 
Ouezou Yaovi Azouma 238-242
Neural Network Based Characterizing Parameters of Coplanar Waveguides  | 
A. Hadap, M. Gurumuti Laxaman 243-247
Studies on Adsorption of Diphtheria Toxoid on Aluminium Phosphate Gel  | 
N. Sivananda, B. Sundaran 248-249
Electrical Conductivity Studies on Pure and Barium added Strontium Tartrate Trihydrate Crystals  | 
J. Angel Mary Greena, X. Sahaya Shajan, H. Alex Devadoss 250-252
Optical and Thermal Studies on Pure and Doped L-arginine Phosphate Crystals  | 
P. Sumithraj Premkumar, X. Sahaya Shajan, H. Alex Devadoss 253-256
Small Percent of Additional Abnormal Clones to Ph Chromosome in the Early Chronic Phase Detected by Large Number of Karyotype Analysis and Transformation to Blastic Crisis in Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia  | 
Kimio Tanaka, Hiroo Dohy, Nanao Kamada 257-266
Phytodiversity (Angiosperms and Gymnosperms) in Chaurangikhal Forest of Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand, India  | 
Sarvesh Suyal, C. M. Sharma, Sumeet Gairola, S. K. Ghildiyal, C. S. Rana, D. S. Butola 267-275
The Effect of Viscous Dissipative Heat on Three Dimensional Oscillatory Flow with Periodic Suction Velocity  | 
Sahin Ahmed 276-283
Effect of Wheat Bran on Diabetic Subjects  | 
S. Haripriya, S. Premakumari 284-286
Establishing the Effect of Loop Length on Dimensional Stability of Single Jersey Knitted Fabric made from Cotton/lycra Core Spun Yarn  | 
C. Prakash, K. Thangamani 287-289
Role of Tapioca Peel Activated Carbon (TPAC) in Decolourisation of Red Brown C4R Reactive Dye  | 
C. Parvathi, T. Maruthavanan, S. Sivamani, C. Prakash, C. V. Koushik 290-292
Fuzzy Logic Based Monitoring System for Detecting the Concentration of Hydrogen Cyanide  | 
Nilesh Dashore, Gopal Upadhyaya 293-295
Prevalence of Renal Disorders among the Residents of Canacona in India: Analysis of the Data from a Free Urological Medical Camp  | 
R. B. Nerli, Tanmaya Metgud, M. B. Hiremath, Ajay Guntaka, Shivagouda Patil, Vikram Prabha 296-298
LiTiMg Ferrite Substrate for Circular Array of Circular Patches under External Magnetic Field  | 
Naveen Kumar Saxena, Moh. Ayub Khan, Nitendar Kumar, P. K. S. Pourush 299-302
Antibacterial Activity of Crude Extracts of Marine Invertebrate Polyclinum madrasensis Sebastian  | 
K. Natarajan, R. Sathish, T. Regupathi, A. Riyaz 303-304
Energy Reduction Aware Multicast Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks  | 
P. Latha, R. Ramachandran 305-307
Nanostructure formation in Silicon Photovoltaic Cell Surface by Femtosecond Laser Pulses  | 
K. A. Al-Naimee 308-310
Granite Powder Concrete  | 
T. Felixkala, P. Partheeban 311-317
Optimization of Biodiesel Production from Oils and Fats with High Free Fatty Acids  | 
M. C. Math, Sudheer Prem Kumar, Soma V. Chetty 318-321
DNA Damage by Sodium Arsenite in Experimental Rats: Ameliorative Effects of Antioxidant Vitamins C and E  | 
B. S. Balakumar, K. Ramanathan, S. Kumaresan, R. Suresh 322-327
Reliability Analysis of Defence Vehicles Gear Box Assembly under Preventive Maintenance  | 
Sunil Dutta, Dinesh Kumar, Pradeep Kumar 328-331
Association between Surface Ozone and Solar Activity  | 
R. Samuel Selvaraj, S. Tamil Selvi, S. P. Vimal Priya 332-334
Elemental Compositions of the Soil of Ogun-Osun River Basins Development Authority Headquaters, Ogun-state, Nigeria  | 
I. C. Okeyode, I. A. Moshood 335-337
Identification of some Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) Cultivars by Fruit Characters  | 
M. M. Sakr, I. M. Abu Zeid, A. E. Hassan, A-G. I. Baz, W. M. Hassan 338-343
Reliability Analysis of Eccentrically Loaded Bolted Connections in Direct Shear and Tension Using Approximate Procedure  | 
Abubakar Idris, Yisa Godwin Lazhi 344-348
Research and Higher Education Scenario in Select Indian State Universities: an Analysis  | 
P. K. Shetty, M. B. Hiremath, M. Murugan, K. G. Sreeja 355-361
Proposed Architectural Model for Optimal Transformation of Decision Table and Decision Tree into Knowledge Base  | 
M. Shuaib Qureshi, M. Imran Saeed, Syed M. Saqlain 362-365


Trends in Wheat Germ Cell Free Protein Expression System with an Emphasis on Up-scaling and Industrial Application  | 
K. Bhanu Revathi, V. A. Ramaiah, Alan G. Hinnebusch, Abani K. Bhuyan, K. S. R. Sivasai, Akulapalli Sudhakar, Laxminarayana Burela 349-354

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