Volume 3, Issue 7, July 2010

Table of Contents


Evaluation of Seizure Activity after Phospho-diesterase and Adenylate Cyclase Inhibition (SQ22536) in Animal Models of Epilepsy  | 
J. Nandhakumar, Manoj G. Tyagi 710-717
Estimation of CTAB in Water by Ion Chromatography  | 
K. G. Subramanian, S. Raja, B. S. Panigrahi 718-719
Evaluation of Antioxidant Potential and Antibacterial Activity of Calotropis gigantea and Vinca rosea Using In Vitro Model  | 
D. Jayakumar, S. Jhancy Mary, R. Jaya Santhi 720-723
Optimum Design of Boost Converter for Charging the Battery by Non-Conventional Energy Source  | 
G. Prasanthi, V. Sumalatha, A. Sudheer 724-726
K-Release Inventory Model in Manpower Planning  | 
V. Nalina, M. Jeeva 727-232
Ethanol Production from Potato Flour by Saccharomyces cerevisiae  | 
P. Rani, S. Sharma, F. C. Garg, Kushal Raj, Leela Wati 733-736
Design and Fabrication of New Type of Dynamometer to Measure Radial Component of Cutting force and Experimental Investigation of Optimum Burnishing force in Roller Burnishing Process  | 
J. Naga Malleswara Rao, A. Chenna Kesava Reddy, P. V. Rama Rao 737-742
Influence of Aquatic Training on Selected Physical Fitness Variables among Volleyball Players  | 
K. Kamalakkannan, N. Vijayaragunathan, R. Kalidasan 743-745
Study on Dyeing Behavior of Cotton/Organic Cotton Knitted Fabrics  | 
D. Raja, A. Arputharaj, C. Prakash, V. Ramesh Babu, C. V. Koushik 746-751
Effect of Loop Length on the Dimensional Properties of Silk and Model Union Knitted Fabric  | 
C. Prakash, C. V. Koushik 752-754
Survival Models for Exploring Tuberculosis Clinical Trial Data - An Empirical Comparison  | 
C. Ponnuraja, P. Venkatesan 755-758
Fuzzy Logic Based Model for Predicting Volcanic Activity  | 
Nilesh Dashore, Gopal Upadhyaya, Kapil Vyas 759-763
Movement of Metallic Particle Contamination in a Gas Insulated Busduct under Dielectric Coated Enclosure with Electromagnetic Field Effect  | 
K. B. Madhu Sahu, J. Amarnath 764-770
Calculation of Probabilistic Worst-case Response-time for Message in Bluetooth  | 
V. Umadevi Chezhian, K. Ramar, S. Geetha 771-774
Mineral Analysis of Coastal Sediment Samples of Tuna, Gujarat, India  | 
R. Ravisankar, G. Senthilkumar, S. Kiruba, A. Chandrasekaran, Prince Prakash Jebakumar 775-781
In Vitro Propagation of Bacopa monnieri L. - a Multipurpose Medicinal Plant  | 
M. Vijayakumar, R. Vijayakumar, R. Stephen 782-787
Experimental Studies on a Diesel Engine Using Mahua Oil as Fuel  | 
M. Pugazhvadivu, G. Sankaranarayanan 788-792
Statistical Relationship between Surface Ozone and Solar Activity in a Tropical Rural Coastal Site, India  | 
R. Samuel Selvaraj, T. Gopinath, K. Jayalakshmi 793-795
Optimizing Influence of Process Parameters on Induction Hardening for IC Engine Valve  | 
R. Palanivasan, R. M. Warkhedkar 796-798
Fuzzy Logic Control Implementation in a PVC Extruder for Temperature Control in a Cable Manufacturing Industry  | 
Mahesh Kr. Nandwana, Niroj Pokhrel, S. N. Singh, J. Kumar 799-802
Experimental Investigation on Solar Air Heater Assisted Natural Ventilation in Single-Sided Ventilated Room  | 
K. Visagavel, P. S. S. Srinivasan 803-807
Estimation and Implementations of Conditional Probabilities of Occurrence of Moderate Earthquakes in India  | 
M. L. Sharma, R. Kumar 808-817
Hydromagnetic Oscillatory Flow and Heat Transfer of a Viscous Liquid Past a Vertical Porous Plate in a Rotating Medium  | 
S. N. Sahoo, J. P. Panda, G. C. Dash 818-822
Demonstration and Dissemination of Simple Eco-friendly Technologies for Natural Resource Management in Central Himalaya  | 
R. K. Maikhuri, L. S. Rawat, Vikram S. Negi, Abhay Bahuguna, Sunil K. Agarwal, N. A. Faroouquee, Prakash Phondani, C. S. Negi 823-831
Ranking and Performance of Indian Universities, Based on Publication and Citation Data  | 
B. M. Gupta 838-844


Driver Circuit Implementation for Source in Optical Communication - A Review  | 
M. V. Raghavendra, P. L. H. Vara Prasad 832-837

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