Volume 3, Issue 12, December 2010

Table of Contents


The Physiological Alterations Induced by Sibutramine Anti-Obesity Drug on the Functions of the Thyroid Gland and the Liver: An Experimental Study on Wistar Rats  | 
Ameen Saleh Bin Bisher 1129-1133
Arabic Speech Segmentation: Automatic Verses Manual Method and Zero Crossing Measurements  | 
Mohammed A. Al-Manie, Mohammed I. Alkanhal, Mansour M. Al-Ghamdi 1134-1138
Intrusion Detection in Optical Fiber Link: A Novel Technique  | 
Sudad Selman Ahmed 1139-1141
In vitro Estrogenic Potency of Phytoestrogen-Glycosides and some Plant Flavanoids  | 
J. C. Kalita, S. R. Milligan 1142-1147
Study of Purification of Phenanthrene from Phenanthrene Waste  | 
Yao Runsheng, Liu Zuyu, Wang Zhizhong 1148-1150
Modeling of Component Diagrams Using Petri Nets  | 
Sima Emadi, Fereidoon Shams 1151-1161
Change in Hardness, Yield Strength and UTS of Welded Joints Produced in St37 Grade Steel  | 
A. R. Bahman, E. Alialhosseini 1162-1164
A Novel Forwarding Scheme for Adaptive Anycasting in Delay/Disruption-Tolerant Networks  | 
Fazl-e-Hadi, Abid Ali Minhas, Nadir Shah, M. Yasin 1165-1172
Implementation and Analysis of Various Symmetric Cryptosystems  | 
Himani Agrawal, Monisha Sharma 1173-1176
Cytotoxic Effect of Diphtheria Toxin in Mammalian Cell Lines  | 
N. Sivananda, S. Ajesh, C. Manju, P. Sugapriya, M. G. Sudharshan, G. Maheswari 1177-1179
Experimental Investigations on CI Engine in HCCI and Conventional Diesel Mode  | 
K. Appa Rao, K. Rajagopal 1180-1183
Matrix Al-Alloys for Silicon Carbide Particle Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites  | 
A. Chennakesava Reddy, Essa Zitoun 1184-1187
Strength and Workability of Low Lime Fly-Ash Based Geopolymer Concrete  | 
B. Siva Konda Reddy, J. Varaprasad, K. Naveen Kumar Reddy 1188-1189
Ni Ferrite Based Microstrip Phased Array Antenna in L-band  | 
Dheeraj Kumar, P. K. S. Pourush 1190-1193
Performance of Multistage Evaporative Cooling System for Composite Climate of India  | 
D. A. Hindoliya, J. K. Jain 1194-1197
Measurement of Surface Ozone and its Precursor NOx over Urban and Rural Locations in Kannur - A Tropical Coastal Site in India  | 
T. Nishanth, M. K. Satheesh Kumar 1198-1201
Dynamic Channel Allocation for Multipath Cellular Networks Using MSWF in Wireless Network  | 
P. Jesu Jayarin, T. Ravi 1202-1207
Evaluation of Mutagenic Potential of Food Dye (Apple Green)  | 
Maninder Kaur, Saroj Arora, Jatinder Kaur Katnoria 1208-1209
Analysis of Anthropometry, Body Composition and Performance Variables of Young Indian Athletes in Southern Region  | 
George Abraham 1210-1213
A Method for Small Scale Genomic DNA Isolation from Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Suitable for Molecular Marker Analysis  | 
Neha Joshi, Anamika Rawat, R. B. Subramanian, K. S. Rao 1214-1217
Evaluation of Phytochemicals in Select Medicinal Plants of the Caesalpinia Species  | 
K. Sivasankari, S. Janaky, T. Sekar 1118-1121
Determination of Heavy Metals in Condenser Cooling Water System of FBTR  | 
M. V. Subitha, S. Sathiakala, K. G. Subramanian, B. S. Panigrahi 1222-1223
Effect of Initial Elevated Metal Temperature on Mechanical Properties of an ARC-Welded Mild Steel Plate  | 
S. M. Adedayo, S. O. Momoh 1224-1228
Urban Health in India: Chennai City as a Case Study  | 
P. Sujatha, P. V. S. Janardhanam 1236-1246
Island Eco-Tourism: a Case Study of Andaman Islands, India  | 
D. Thulasimala, Pearl Devdass 1247-1252


Recent Advances in Plastid Transformation  | 
Olawole O. Obembe, Jacob O. Popoola, Sadhu Leelavathi, V. Siva Reddy 1229-1235

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