Volume 3, Issue 9, September 2010

Table of Contents


Foundation of Theory of Everything: Non-living and Living Things  | 
Mohammad Shafiq Khan 955-981
Transmissible Genes Induced Chromosome-type Aberrations in the Lymphocytes of Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1 and Type 2A (MEN1 and MEN2A) Patients  | 
Kimio Tanaka, Kazunori Arita, Shigeru Nishimura 982-989
Variational Iteration Method for Solving mth-order Boundary Value Problems  | 
Jafar Saberi-Nadjafi, Fahimeh Akhavan Ghassabzade 990-993
Formulation of Ferrous Fumarate (Combination) Tablets by Using a Direct-Compression Method  | 
Kishwar Sultana, Najm Ul Hassan, M. Shifa Khan, Mohsin Abbas Khan, Khadija Shahid, Humaira Nadeem, Junaid Umar Alvi 994-1000
Radiological Impact of Oil Spilled Environment: a Case Study of the Eriemu well 13 and 19 Oil Spillage in Ughelli Region of Delta State, Nigeria  | 
O. E. Agbalagba, R. K. Meindinyo 1001-1005
An Investigation on Two-Dimensional Non-Linear Wave Equation Using VIM  | 
S. A. Zahedi, H. Goodarzian, M. Okazi 1006-1008
Investigation of Conventional Deep Drawing and Hydroforming Deep Drawing via Experimental and Finite Element Simulation  | 
S. A. Zahedi, H. Goodarzian, M. Okazi, M. Bakhshi-jooybari 1009-1013
Estimation of Thyroid Hormone Status and Thyroid Antibodies in Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus  | 
G. S. R. Kedari 1014-1015
Determination of Firing Temperature of Some Ancient Potteries of Tamil Nadu, India by FT-IR Spectroscopic Technique  | 
R. Ravisankar, S. Kiruba, A. Chandrasekaran, A. Naseerutheen, M. Seran, P. D. Balaji 1016-1019
On Fuzzy Information Theory  | 
A. Zarandi 1020-1025
Diagnostic Checking of Time Series Models  | 
P. Sekar 1026-1031
Application of Time Series Models  | 
P. Sekar 1032-1037
Low Cost Solar Cooker: Promising Solution towards Reducing Indoor Air Pollution from Solid Fuel Use  | 
Namrata Sengar, Prabha Dashora, Sunita Mahavar 1038-1042

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