Volume 3, Issue 8, August 2010

Table of Contents


Comparison of Hot Electron Transport Properties in Wurtzite Phase of ZnS, GaN and 6H-SiC  | 
H. Arabshahi 844-848
Steady-state and Transient Electron Transport within Bulk Ternary Nitride Semiconductors including Gainn, Algan and Alinn Using a Three-valley Monte Carlo Method  | 
M. Rezaee Rokn-Abadi 849-852
Performance Evaluation of Portable Sprinkler Irrigation System in Ilorin, Nigeria  | 
Isiguzo E. Ahaneku 853-857
Analysis of Ancient Potteries of Tamilnadu, India by Spectroscopic Techniques  | 
R. Ravisankar, S. Kiruba, A. Chandrasekaran, G. Senthilkumar, C. Maheswaran 858-862
Isolation and Characterization of Probiotic Bacillus Subtilis SK09 from Dairy Effluent  | 
G. Sreekumar, Soundarajan Krishnan 863-866
Optimization and Kinectics of Pectinase Enzyme Using Aspergillus niger by Solid-state Fermentation  | 
Baladhandayutham Suresh, Thangavelu Viruthagiri 867-870
A New Combinational Statistical Approach for Cellulase Optimization in Aspergillus nidulans  | 
S. Anuradha Jabasingh, C. Valli Nachiyar 871-878
Study of Thermo Physical Properties and an Improvement in Production of Distillate Yield in Pyramid Solar still with Boosting Mirror  | 
T. Arunkumar, R. Jayaprakash, A. Prakash, P. U Suneesh, M. Karthik, Sanjay kumar 879-884
Synthesis, Growth, Optical and Thermal Properties of a New Organic Crystal Semicarbazone of P-anisaldehyde (SPAS)  | 
S. Janarthanan, Y. C. Rajan, P. R. Umarani, D. Jayaraman, D. Premanand, S. Pandi 885-889
A Study on the Synthesis and Bactericidal Activity of Certain Copolyesters Containing Bischalcone Moiety in the Main Chain  | 
M. Chitra, T. V. Rajendran, S. Duraipandi, Y. C. Rajan, D. Reuben Jonathan 890-893
Utilization of Building Waste in Road Construction  | 
S. S. S. V. Gopala Raju, K. Durga Rani, Venkaiah Chowdary, K. V. G. D. Balaji 894-896
Third Order Non-linear Optical Properties of L-arginine Hydrochloride Monohydrate Single Crystals by Z-scan Technique  | 
V. Natarajan, T. Sivanesan, S. Pandi 897-899
Examining the Variations of Ground Level Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide in a Rural Area Influenced by Brick Kiln Industries  | 
K. Elampari, T. Chithambarathanu, R. Krishna Sharma 900-903
Variations of Ostiomeatal Complex and its Applied Anatomy: a CT Scan Study  | 
H. Mamatha, N. M. Shamasundar, M. B. Bharathi, L. C. Prasanna 904-907
Heat Transfer Enhancement in Solar Air Heater  | 
A. M. Lanjewar, J. L. Bhagoria, R. M. Sarviya 908-910
Wind Effects on Water Towers-influence of Various Dynamic Parameters  | 
B. Dean Kumar, B. L. P. Swami 911-915
Determination of Blood Glucose Concentration by Back Propagation Neural Network  | 
V. Ashok, S. Rajan Singh, A. Nirmalkumar 916-918
Oscillatory Mhd Free Convective Flow through a Porous Medium with Mass Transfer, Soret Effect and Chemical Reaction  | 
N. Ahmed, H. Kalita 919-924
Chromosome Number and Karyotype Analysis of Wild Guava Psidium guineense Sw. - a New Report from Tripura, India  | 
Saswati Chakraborti, Sangram Sinha, Rabindra K. Sinha 925-927
Design of the Management System of University Projects Based on UML Sequence Diagram  | 
Yali Su 928-931
Water Pricing and Sustainable Surface Irrigation Management  | 
J. S. Sindhu 932-936
Theory of Origin and Phenomenon of Life  | 
Mohammad Shafiq Khan 937-942
Energy Theory of Matter and Cosmology  | 
Mohammad Shafiq Khan 943-947
Ultimate Proof of Energy Theory of Matter and Cosmology: "Theory of Everything"  | 
Mohammad Shafiq Khan 948-954

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