Volume 4, Issue 4, April 2011

Table of Contents


Synthesis and Characterization of some New Four Coordinated IIB Transition Metal Ion Complexes  | 
M. Montazerozohori, S. Joohari, V. Nouroozi, S. Hashemi, Z. Kazemi, S. A. Musavi 373-378
Optimal PID Power System Stabilizer Tuning Based on Particle Swarm Optimization  | 
Sayed Mojtaba Shirvani Boroujeni, Reza Hemmati, Hamideh Delafkar, Amin Safarnezhad Boroujeni 379-383
Fabrication and Study Zinc Sulfide Schottky Barrier Detectors  | 
Salma M. Shaban, Nada M. Saeed, Raad M. S. Al-Haddad 384-386
Level of Service Model for Exclusive Motorcycle Lane  | 
Seyed Farzin Faezi, Hussain Hamid, Sulistyo Arintono, Seyed Rasoul Davoodi 387-393
Binary Precession Solutions Based on Synchronized Field Couplings  | 
Jamahl Peavey 394-398
Sequential Extraction of Cadmium, Lead and Zinc in Soil Profiles of Ifon and Environs, Southwest Nigeria: Submission for their Availability to Terrestrial Organisms  | 
O. Adaikpoh Edwin 399-403
Immunization Strategies and Enhanced Immunity of Typhoid Vaccine Using Potato Starch Polymer as an Adjuvant  | 
L. Nirmala, Vijayashree Nayak, Sanjay Kumar Dhaker, Deecaraman 404-409
Comparative Studies of Sorel's Cement on Selected Dyes  | 
R. Hariharasuthan, A. Nageswara Rao 410-413
On Bi-magic Labeling of 4-regular Graphs  | 
E. Bala, K. Thirusangu 414-416
Synthesis of Silver Nanofluid by a Novel one Pot Method for Heat Transfer Applications  | 
E. Pradeep Jaya Sudhan, K. Shree Meenakshi 417-421
Isolation, Spectral and Optical Analysis of Fistulic Acid - a Phytochemical Constituent of Cassia Fistula Linn.  | 
P. Anbu Srinivasan, A. Arokiaraj, D. Vijayarajan 422-424
Scientometric Dimension on Gender in Worldwide Thyroid Cancer: a Study Based on Web of Science Database  | 
S. Raja, P. Ramkumar, P. Viji 425-428
Study of Fertility Pattern and Contraceptive Practices in a Rural Area - a Cross-sectional Study  | 
S. P. Pushpa, R. Venkatesh, M. S. Shivaswamy 429-431
Predicting Effect of Pressure, Shaft Velocity and Surface Finish on Depth of Wear of Lining Thickness of Engine Bushing by Experimentation  | 
Sanjay Chikalthankar, V. M. Nandedkar 432-435
Design of Ethernet Switch Cabinet Using MSC.NASTRAN  | 
G. Venkata Subbaiah, K. Vijay Kumar Reddy 436-439
A Low-leakage Current Power 45-nm CMOS SRAM  | 
Shyam Akashe, Deepak Kumar Sinha, Sanjay Sharma 440-442
Study on Effect of Euphorbia Coagulum on Physico-mechanical and Fire Retardant Properties of Polyester-banana Fiber Composite  | 
Bhuvneshwar Rai, Gulshan Kumar, R. K. Diwan, R. K. Khandal 443-446
A Comparative Analysis of the Characteristics of some Fibre Optics Used in RF Communication Systems in Nigeria  | 
J. Ilouno, B. J. Kwaha, A. M. Batu 447-450
The Design and Implementation of a Digital Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) Lowpass Butterworth Filter-a Comparison of Matlab and Bilinear Transformation Methods  | 
B. J. Kwaha, E. A. Kolawole, A. M. Batu 451-455
Robust PID Power System Stabilizer Design Based on Pole Placement and Nonlinear Programming Methods  | 
Hasan Fayazi Boroujeni, Sayed Mojtaba Shirvani Boroujeni, Reza Hemmati 456-461
Effects of 6-week Yogic Exercises Training on Blood Pressure  | 
Amritpreet Singh, Simratpal Singh, Sukhdev Singh 462-463
The Trinity Model of the Universe: a Hypothetical Construct for Unification of Fundamental forces of Nature  | 
Navyug Sandhu 464-467

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