Volume 4, Issue 10, October 2011

Table of Contents


Automatic Gender Classification Using Neuro Fuzzy System  | 
B. Somayeh Mousavi, Alireza Hirad 1198-1201
Estimation of Soil Loss Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Techniques (case Study of Kaliaghai River Basin, Purba & Paschim Medinipur District, West Bengal, India)  | 
Babita Pal, Sailesh Samanta 1202-1207
Gold Nanoparticle Loaded Activated Carbon as Novel Adsorbent for the Removal of Congo Red  | 
M. Ghaedi, S. Ramazani, M. Roosta 1208-1217
Image Registration and Atmospheric Motion Vectors Retrieval from Geo-stationary Satellite  | 
R. K. Giri, R. K. Sharma 1218-1225
Quality Control Issues in Atmospheric Motion Vectors  | 
R. K. Giri, R. K. Sharma 1226-1233
Trace Metal Enrichment Using Gold Nanoparticle Loaded on Activated Carbon Modified with 1-((6-(-(2,4-dihydroxybenzylideneamino))hexylimino) Methyl)benzene-2, 4-diol  | 
F. Marahel, M. Ghaedi, M. Montazerozohori, S. Khodadoust 1234-1240
Identification of DNA Elements Involved in Somaclonal Variants of Rauvolfia Serpentina (L.) Arising from Indirect Organogenesis as Evaluated by ISSR Analysis  | 
S. Saravanan, R. Sarvesan, M. S. Vinod 1241-1245
Finite Element Analysis of a force Transducer  | 
Sudhir Kumar, Nabi Hasan, Harish Kumar, Anil Kumar 1246-1247
Solving Flexible Job-shop Scheduling Problem Using Clonal Selection Algorithm  | 
Mohammad Akhshabi, Mostafa Akhshabi, Javad Khalatbari 1248-1251
Assessment of Environmental Degradation of Kalar Kahar Lake, Salt Range, Pakistan Due to Anthropogenic Activities and its Remedial Measures  | 
Mohammad Saleem Khan, Naseem Aadil, Khalida Khan 1252-1255
Effect of Geometric and Flow Parameters on the Performance of Pin-fin Arrays  | 
R. Karthikeyan, R. Rathnasamy 1256-1261
Assessing Fruit Characteristics to Standardize Quality Norms in Date Cultivars of Saudi Arabia  | 
I. A. Al-Abdoulhadi, S. Al-Ali, K. Khurshid, F. Al-Shryda, A. M. Al-Jabr, A. Ben Abdallah 1262-1266
Combustion Experiments of HTPB/RFNA Mixed Hybrid Propellants  | 
S. Venugopal, V. Ramanujachari, K. K. Rajesh 1267-1272
Using Genetic Algorithms to Solve Industrial Time-cost Trade-off Problems  | 
Ghorbanali Mohammadi 1273-1278
Impact of Distributed Generation on Distribution Systems Reliability considering Recloser-fuse Miscoordination-a Practical Case Study  | 
Seyed Ali Mohammad Javadian, Maryam Massaeli 1279-1284
Distribution System Reliability with considering Variation in DG and Load Consumption  | 
Navid Khalesi, Seyed Ali Mohammad Javadian 1285-1289
Environmental Benefits of DGs and Comparing their Generation Costs with Thermal Power Plants considering Production Pollution on Human Health  | 
Seyed Ali Mohammad Javadian, Maryam Massaeli 1290-1294
Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making Approach for Performance Measurement of Advanced Manufacturing Systems  | 
A. Rezazadeh, A. Mohammadzadeh, M. Ghadamyari, S. Nazari-Shirkouhi, M. R. Dalvand 1295-1302
Satellite Geometry of Faults and Fractures and its Relationship with Porphyry Deposits in Northern Parts of Dahaj-Sardoiyeh Belt, South of Iran  | 
Mehran Arian, Hasan Alizadeh, Hamideh Noroozpour 1303-1306
Development of Signal Processing Techniques for Ultrasonic Measurements  | 
Y. B. Gandole 1307-1313
A Comparative Study of Modified Tension Brand Wiring and Cerclage Wiring in Management of Transverse Fractures of Patella  | 
Anand. B. Jabshetty 1314-1321
Evaluating and Selecting Supplier in Textile Industry Using Hierarchical Fuzzy Topsis  | 
Amirhossein Zarbini-Sydani, Ali Karbasi, Emad Atef-Yekta 1322-1334
Comparison of Performance Analysis of Scheffler Reflector and Model Formulation  | 
Rupesh. J. Patil, Gajanan. K. Awari, Mahendra Prasad Singh 1335-1339
Detection and Avoidance of Node Misbehavior in MANET Based on CLAODV  | 
S. Usha, S. Radha 1340-1346
Michelson-Morley Experiment: a Misconceived & Misinterpreted Experiment  | 
Mohammad Shafiq Khan 1347-1357
The Effectiveness of Positive Parenting Skills Training Group for Parents of Children with Attention Deficit Disorder- Hyperactivity on Behavior Disorders in their Children  | 
Saeedeh Motamed, Shohreh Ghorbanshiroudi, Javad Khalatbari, Mohammad Ebrahim Maddahi, Mohammad Mojtaba Keikhayfarzaneh 1358-1361
Considering any Relation between Organizational Culture & Suggestions System  | 
Kiamars Fadaei, Vahid Majazi Dalfard 1362-1368
Examining Relationship between Ownership Structure and Performance of Intellectual Capital in the Stock Market of Iran  | 
Majid Zanjirdar, Ava Kabiribalajadeh 1369-1377
The Study and Analysis of Value Creating Criteria of Performance Assessment in Identification of Different Levels of Financial Health: Evidence from Iran  | 
M. R. Pourali, M. Taghavi 1378-1381
Influence of Different K Fertilizer Sources on Sunflower (Helianthus annus)  | 
Safoora Asadi Kapourchal, Mohammad Javad Shakori, Sorayya Asadi Kapourchal 1382-1383
Consideration on Sassanid Architectural Works and Urban Planning in Ancient Persia  | 
Zakarya Valaei 1384-1390
Assessing Bar-On's Emotional Intelligence Components among Normal Subjects and those of having Suicide Trial Record  | 
Shirin Rahgozar, Amir Arash Motahari, Ali Zolali 1391-1395

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