Volume 4, Issue 12, December 2011

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Modelling of Thermal Behaviour of a Direct Solar Drier Possessing a Chimney: Application to the Drying of Cassava  | 
K. B. Koua, P. Gbaha, E. P. M. Koffi, W. F. Fassinou, S. Toure 1609-1618
Power System Stabilizer Tuning in Multi Machine Electric Power Systems  | 
Sayed Mojtaba Shirvani Boroujeni, Babak Keyvani Boroujeni, Mostafa Abdollahi 1619-1623
Multi Machine Power System Identification by Using Recursive least Square Method  | 
Sayed Mojtaba Shirvani Boroujeni, Babak Keyvani Boroujeni, Mostafa Abdollahi 1624-1629
Low Frequency Oscillation at a Multi Machine Environment by Using UPFC Tuned Based on Simulated Annealing  | 
Hasan Fayazi Boroujeni, Meysam Eghtedari, Ahmad Memaripour, Elahe Behzadipour 1630-1634
Controller Parameters Design of Doubly Feed Induction Generator Using Particle Swarm Optimization  | 
Hasan Fayazi Boroujeni, Meysam Eghtedari, Ahmad Memaripour, Elahe Behzadipour 1635-1638
Prototype Design and Performance Analysis of a Sieving Machine for Improved Food-slurry Processing in Nigeria  | 
O. E. Simolowo, O. O. Adeniji 1639-1643
Performance of Adaptive Filter for Absorption of Harmonics and Noise in Power Systems  | 
Hamid Asghari Rad, Mehrdad Ahmadi Kamarposhti 1644-1648
Entropy Generation Analysis of Fully Developed Laminar Forced Convection in a Confocal Elliptical Duct with Uniform Wall Heat Flux  | 
Alireza Falahat 1649-1653
Inactivation of Nano- FMDV Type O/IRN/1/2007 Particles Infectivity Using Gamma Irradiation  | 
Farahnaz Motamedi Sedeh, Hoorieh Soleimanjahi, Amirreza Jalilian, Homayoon Mahravani 1654-1656
Investigation upon Recycling of High Energy Electron Beam Irradiated Alanine Dosimeter  | 
A. Noori, F. Ziaie 1657-1660
Phytoremediation using an Indigenous Crop Plant (wheat): the Uptake of Methyl Parathion and Metabolism of P-nitrophenol  | 
Nayeem Ullah Khan, Bhavya Varma, Nazeeb Imrana, Paddu Krishnappa Shetty 1661-1667
The Hydrocarbon Potential of the Nigerian Chad Basin from Wireline Logs  | 
K. O. Omosanya, A. A. Akinmosin, N. A. Adio 1668-1675
Anatomical Structural Differences between Branch and Trunk in Ailanthus altissima Wood  | 
Ahmad Samariha, Majid Kiaei, Mohammad Talaeipour, Mohammad Nemati 1676-1678
Studying the Effect of the Age of a Tree on Chemical Composition and Degree of Polymerization Cellulose  | 
Nima Seyedmohammadi, Mohammad Nemati, Ahmad Samariha, Asghar Tabei, Foad Ravanbakhsh, Majid Kiaei 1679-1680
Management of Inter Trochanteric Fracture by DHS Fixation  | 
Anand B. Jabshetty 1681-1684
Mechanical Properties of Beech Wood (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) Naturally Grown in North of Iran  | 
Abbasali Nouri Sadegh, Hassanali Rakhshani 1685-1686
Traditional Antidotes Kallunk Oxide in the Treatment of HIV/AIDS  | 
Ramakrishnan Madhusoodanan 1687-1690
Regional Variation of Cotton Linter Fibers  | 
Reza Bakhshi, Majid Kiaei 1691-1692
Correlation between Medulla Oblongata and Feeding Habits in Two Teleosts  | 
S. Sreekala, Manju V. Raj, P. S. Sherly 1693-1695
Investigation of Oil Trap in the Asmari Anticline (zagros, Iran)  | 
Mehran Arian, Mohsen Pourkermani, Azar Khodabakhshnezhad, Hamideh Noroozpour 1696-1699
Study of Distance Relays with Fault Resistance Compensation for Unbalanced Systems  | 
Hamid Asghari Rad, Mehrdad Ahmadi Kamarposhti 1700-1703
Design of D.C. Planer Magnetron Sputter for Preparing Copper-oxide Thin Films  | 
Mahdi H. Suhail, Fadhel Yousif Hadi 1704-1709
Quality Assessment of Commercial formulations of Tin Based Herbal Drug by Physico-chemical Fingerprints  | 
S. Sudhaparimala, C. Mullai Kodi, A. Gnanamani, A. B. Mandal 1710-1714
Effect of Doxorubicin on the Biochemical Activities of the Male Reproductive System of White Mice- Mus musculus  | 
Thiagarajan Sridevi 1715-1720
Removal of Oil from Oily Effluents of North Gujarat Fields (India) by Electroflotation Method  | 
Sadhana Pandey Tiwari, D. R. Patel 1721-1725
Improve the Performance Efficiency of Solar Cell by Using Epoxy Plates Doped with Rhodamine 6G Dye  | 
B. Daram, K. R. Al-Rawi, S. H. Alshaikh Hussin 1726-1731
Hydrochemical Characterization of Groundwater in the Proximity of River Noyyal, Tiruppur, South India  | 
S. Chitradevi, S. G. D. Sridhar 1732-1736
STH: a Highly Scalable and Economical Topology for Massively Parallel Systems  | 
Jahangir Alam, Rajesh Kumar 1737-1748
Developing a Fuzzy Model for Assessment and Selection of the best Idea of New Product Development  | 
Ali Badizadeh, Sohrab Khanmohammadi 1749-1762
Ranking the Voice of Customer with Fuzzy DEMATEL and Fuzzy AHP  | 
Ali Reza Shahraki, Morteza Jamali Paghaleh 1763-1772
Causing Factors of Refractive Error in Children: Heredity or Environment?  | 
N. Prema 1773-1774
Assessment of Land Production Potential for Barley Using Geographic Information System (GIS) Method  | 
Shahram Ashraf, Vahid Ashraf, Hossein Abbaspour 1775-1777
Employee Retention by Motivation  | 
K. Sandhya, D. Pradeep Kumar 1778-1782
Selected Psychological and Social Variables of Professional Students of Punjab and Jammu Kashmir States  | 
Hilal Ahmad, Surjeet Singh 1783-1785
Logical Analysis of the Foundations of Differential and Integral Calculus  | 
Temur Z. Kalanov 1786-1789

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