Volume 5, Issue 2, February 2012

Table of Contents


Geographical Difference of Chromosome Aberrations between Japanese and American Small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Lines  | 
Kimio Tanaka, Takahiko Sakuma 1993-2000
Application of Artificial Neural Network for Prediction of Retention Time for some Pesticides in Liquid Chromatography  | 
Saeid Khodadoust 2001-2008
The Differential Transform Method for Solving Multidimensional Partial Differential Equations  | 
H. Jafari, S. Sadeghi, A. Biswas 2009-2012
Methods of Analysing Missing Values in a Regression Model  | 
P. Ogoke Uchenna, E. C. Nduka 2013-2016
Hydrogeologic, Electrical and Electromagnetic Measurements for Geotechnical Characterization of Foundation Beds at Afunbiowo, near Akure, Southwestern Nigeria  | 
I. A. Adeyemo, O. G. Omosuyi 2017-2022
Evaluating the Precision of Growing Stock Estimation and Determination of Industrial and Fuel Wood Volumes of Beech Trees in Northern of Iran  | 
Iraj Hassanzad Navroodi 2023-2028
Silver Nanomembrane and Ceramic Silver Nanofilter for Effective Removal of Water Borne Diarrhoegenic Escherichia coli  | 
V. Mangayarkarasi, A. Prema, Narayana Rao 2029-2034
Genetic Algorithm Optimization Methodology for PWM Inverters of Intelligent Universal Transformer for the Advanced Distribution Automation of Future  | 
Maryam Sadeghi, Majid Gholami 2035-2040
Graft Copolymerization of Gelatin-g-poly (acrylic Acid-co-acrylamide) and Calculation of Grafting Parameters  | 
Fatemeh Soleimani, Mohammad Sadeghi, Hadis Shahsavari 2041-2046
Measurement of Surface Ozone in the Year 2011 at Different Sites over Tamil Nadu, India  | 
R. Samuel Selvaraj, B. Milton Boaz, C. P. Sachithananthem, K. Padma, S. Steephen Rajkumar Inbanathan, G. Kanmani Rajaselvi, P. Indira, S. P. Vimalpriya 2047-2050
Effect of Nitrogen and Potassium Levels on Yield and some of the Agronomical Characteristics in Mustard (Brassica juncea)  | 
Seyedeh Neda Mozaffari, Babak Delkhosh, Amirhossein Shirani Rad 2051-2054
Use of AFM Technique to Study the Nano- Silica Effects in Concrete Mixture  | 
Behtash Amiri, Ali Bahari, Aref Sadeghi Nik, Adel Sadeghi Nik, Naser Salman Movahedi 2055-2059
Application of Chebyshev Polynomials for Solving Nonlinear Volterra-fredholm Integral Equations System and Convergence Analysis  | 
R. Ezzati, S. Najafalizadeh 2060-2064
Structure of Human Errors in Tasks of Operators Working in the Control Room of an Oil Refinery Unit  | 
Niloufar Shah Gholi-Nejad, Mohammad Javad Jafari, Mehran Ghalehnoi, Yadollah Mehrabi, Mohsen Ghadiri, Mahmood Nikbakht 2065-2070
BM-algebras Defined by Bipolar-valued Sets  | 
Arsham Borumand Saeid 2071-2078
Evaluation of Water Delivery and Irrigation Performances at Field Level: the Case of the Menemen Left Bank Irrigation District in Turkey  | 
N. Korkmaz, M. Avci 2079-2089
Anthropometric Measurements of Obese Sudanese Women Aged 40-50 Years: Case Study (Wed Medani) Area  | 
Nagah Abdelwahab Ahmed Mohamed 2090-2092
Fasting Blood Glucose, Uric Acid and Calcium Levels of Obese Sudanese Women Aged 40-50 Years: Case Study (Wad Medani) Area  | 
Nagah Abdelwahab Ahmed Mohamed 2093-2095
Selection of mixed sampling plan with QSS-1(n;CN,CT) plan as attribute plan indexed through MAPD and AQL  | 
R. Sampath Kumar, M. Indra, R. Radhakrishan 2096-2099
Approximate Symmetric Solution of Dual Fuzzy Systems Regarding Two Different Fuzzy Multiplications  | 
Z. Valizadeh, R. Ezzati, S. Khezerloo 2100-2112
Sustainable Generation and Transmission Expansion Planning in Competitive Power Markets  | 
Mohammad Sadegh Javadi, Mohsen Saniei 2113-2119
The Relationship of the Selected Kinematic Variables with the Performance of Low Dribble in Basketball at Execution Phase  | 
Upendra Pandey, Shrikrishna Patel, Sachit Saxsena 2120-2122
A Hybrid Intrusion Detection by Game Theory Approaches in MANET  | 
Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani, Laya Aliahmadipour, Mohammad Masoud Javidi 2123-2131
New Approach to Congestion Mitigation Based on Incidence Matrix DCOPF  | 
Mohammad Sadegh Javadi, Ali Meskarbashee 2132-2137
Incidence Matrix-based Security Constraint Unit Commitment considering Line and Unit Contingencies  | 
Arash Jamalmanesh, Mohammad Sadegh Javadi, Rahmat Azami 2138-2142
Preparation and Swelling Behavior of Carrageenan-graft-polymethacrylamide Superabsorbent Hydrogel as a Releasing Drug System  | 
Fatemeh Soleimani, Mohammad Sadeghi, Hadis Shahsavari 2143-2147
A Simple Method for Deriving LQN-models from Software-models Represented as UML Diagrams  | 
B. Bharathi, G. Kulanthaivel 2148-2154
Determinants of Scientific Productivity among Nigerian University Academics  | 
Olufemi B. Obembe 2155-2164
A Group-foundation Exercise Schedule on Quality of Life and Well-being in Older Men and Women  | 
Reza Masoudi, Safar Ali Esmaeili Vardanjani, Leili Rabiei, Jafar Moghadassi, Freidoon Khayri, Mohammad Rahimi Madiseh 2165-2169
A Best Practice Approach for Integration of ITIL and ISO/IEC 27001 Services for Information Security Management  | 
Razieh Sheikhpour, Nasser Modiri 2170-2176
Monitoring and Modeling the Urban Growth of Mid-size Cities in Iran by Markov Model: the Case Study of Zanjan City  | 
Akbar Asghari Zamani, Saeed Maleki 2177-2184
Analysis of Land Readjustment (LR) Methods Used in Joibareh, Iran  | 
Hossein Zabihi, Sohaila Hamidzadeh Khiavy 2185-2190
The Barriers of Educational Development in Rural Areas of Iran  | 
Abrisham Aref, Khadijeh Aref 2191-2193
An Investigation of Socio-economic Indexes and Abnormality Patterns Relationship in the Cities (urban Sociology Approach)  | 
Esmaeel Ghasemi, Susan Sahami, Nader Zali 2194-2199
Technology of E-banking: Perspective of Costumers' Perceived Risk and Uncertainty  | 
Gholamreza Bazgosha, Nadia Eizi, Khaled Nawaser, Mohammad Mehdi Parhizgar 2200-2208
Lead Generation: a New Strategy for Attracting Target Customers  | 
Morteza Mosakhani, Mehdi Behboudi, Ateneh Qodsi Khah, Marzieh Ardalani 2209-2213

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