Volume 5, Issue 3, March 2012

Table of Contents


Experimental & Theoretical Evidences of Fallacy of Space-time Concept and Actual State of Existence of the Physical Universe  | 
Mohammad Shafiq Khan 2217-2239
Complex 8;21 Chromosome Translocations formed by Two Step Mechanism and Simple 8;21chromosome Translocation without AML1 Gene Involvement in Acute Myelocytic Leukemia  | 
Kimio Tanaka, Masako Minamihisamatsu, Taichi Kyo, Nanao Kamada 2240-2252
A New Method for Position Control of a 2-DOF Robot Arm Using Neuro- Fuzzy Controller  | 
Jafar Tavoosi, Afshar Shamsi Jokandan, Muhammad Amin Daneshwar 2253-2257
Evaluation Effective Parameters on the Output Current Harmonics of SHE-PWM Voltage Source Inverter  | 
Mehdi Asadi, Hassan Feshki Farahani 2258-2263
Using Nodal Marginal Loss Coefficients for Transmission Loss Allocation  | 
Rahmat Aazami, Mohammad Reza Behnamfar, Nosratallah Mohammadbaigi 2264-2267
Hydraulic Studies of Pressure Distribution around Vertical Lift Gates  | 
Amir Khosrojerdi 2268-2272
Cavitation Study in Bottom Outlet Gate Slots by Pressure Fluctuation  | 
Amir Khosrojerdi, Elham Afkari Ahmad-Abad 2273-2280
Optimal Placement and Estimation of DG Capacity in Distribution Network's Using Genetic Algorithm-based Method  | 
Ali Aref, Mohsen Davoudi, Majid Davoudi 2281-2286
The Effect of Different Leaf/bunch Ratios on Yield and Fruit Physical Characteristics of Khlass Date Palm Cultivar  | 
H. Al-Salman, N. Al-Wusaibai, M. Al-Husseini, H. I. Al-Hajji, I. A. Alabdulhadi, A. Ben Abdallah 2287-2288
Role of Public Participation in Sustainability of Historical City: Usage of TOPSIS Method  | 
Ali Assari, T.M. Mahesh, Erfan Assari 2289-2294
Fuzzy and Anti Fuzzy Ternary Hypergroups  | 
Bijan Davvaz 2295-2298
Optimum Mix for the Geopolymer Concrete  | 
M. I. Abdul Aleem, P. D. Arumairaj 2299-2301
Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Certain Random Copolyesters from 4,4'- Oxybis (Benzoic Acid)  | 
N. Malathy, D. Roop Singh 2302-2306
Radial Basis Function Neural Networks in Prediction and Modeling of Diesel Engine Emissions Operated for Biodiesel Blends under Varying Operating Conditions  | 
R. Manjunatha, P. Badari Narayana, K. Hema Chandra Reddy, K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy 2307-2312
Customer Reliability Improvement and Power Loss Reduction in Distribution Systems Using Distributed Generations  | 
P. Farhadi, H. Shayeghi, T. Sojoudi, M. Karimi 2313-2317
Insulin Response of Diabetic Pregnant Women: Analysis of Saliva by FTIR Study  | 
R. Raziya Sultana, S. N. Zafarullah, N. Hephzibah Kirubamani 2318-2324
Detection of Heat Stable Bacteriocin from Lactobacillus acidophilus NCIM5426 by Liquid Chromatography/mass Spectrometry  | 
Maria Malini, Savitha Janakiraman 2325-2332
A New Bidirectional Associative Fuzzy Cognitive Dynamical System  | 
K. Thirusangu, P. Elumalai, A. Praveenprakash 2333-2340
Generation of Walsh Codes in Two Different Orderings Using 4-bit Gray and Inverse Gray Codes  | 
K. Usha, K. Jaya Sankar 2341-2345
Silver Nanoparticle Loaded on Activated Carbon as Efficient Adsorbent for Removal of Methyl Orange  | 
H. Karimi, S. Mousavi, B. Sadeghian 2346-2353
Monitoring of Induction Motor Temperature under Unbalanced Supplying by Stator Resistance Estimation  | 
Masoud Sabaghi, Hassan Feshki Farahani 2354-2359
Photoconducting and Photoresponse Studies on Multilayered Thin Films of Aluminium Doped Zinc Oxide  | 
T. Ganesh, S. Rajesh, Francis P. Xavier 2360-2363
Tao-Mason Equation of State for Refractory Metals  | 
Fakhri Yousefi, Meysam Kaveh 2364-2368
Effect of Urea Doping on Spectral, Optical and Thermal Properties of L-histidine Crystals  | 
C. Alosious Gonsago, Helen Merina Albert, R. Umamaheswari, A. Joseph Arul Pragasam 2369-2373
Sediment Yield Estimation for Watershed Prioritization: a Remote Sensing Study  | 
Rabindra Kumar Das 2374-2378
Seismic Sources and Neo-tectonics of Tehran Area (North Iran)  | 
Mehran Arian, Nooshin Bagha, Rezvan Khavari, Hamideh Noroozpour 2379-2383
Use of FEM and Photo Elasticity for Shape Optimization of S Type Load Cell  | 
A. Kamble Vijay, P. N. Gore 2384-2389
The First Law Simulation and Second Law Analysis of a Typical Reciprocating Air Compressor  | 
T. Armaghani, S. A. R. Sahebi, H. Goodarzian 2390-2395
Analysis of Current Harmonic on Power System Fuses Using ANSYS  | 
Hassan Feshki Farahani, Masoud Sabaghi 2396-2400
Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of ASHAs Regarding Tuberculosis and DOTS  | 
S. M. Sagare, R. R. Bogam, S. K. Murarkar, U. P. Patil, M. M. Ghate 2401-2404
Willingness to Sell Wheat to the Government: a Case Study in Golestan Province of Iran  | 
Mojtaba Mojaverian 2405-2410
The Relationship between the Religious Beliefs and the Feeling of Loneliness in Elderly  | 
Farzaneh Sheikholeslami, Shadman Reza Masole, Pantea Rafati, Safar Ali Esmaeili Vardanjani, Mohammad Ali Yazdani Talami, Naima Khodadadi 2411-2416

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