Volume 5, Issue 4, April 2012

Table of Contents


Identification of Nine Chromosomal Segments with Jumping Translocation in 564 Human Leukemia and Lymphomas  | 
Kimio Tanaka 2473-2486
A Comparative Study between Mechanical and Manual Pollination in Two Premier Saudi Arabian Date Palm Cultivars  | 
N. A. Al-Wusaibai, A. Ben Abdallah, M. S. Al-Husainai, H. Al-Salman, M. Elballaj 2487-2490
Meteorological Predictions Preserved in the Panchangam Versus Real-time Observations - a Case Study over Tirupati Region - a Semi-arid Tropical Site in India  | 
K. Vanadeep, R. Sada Siva Murty, M. Krishnaiah 2491-2509
Changes in some Haematological Parameters of the African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) Exposed to a Metal Finishing Company Effluent  | 
J. A. Adakole 2510-2514
Ecotoxicity of Leaf Extracts of Azadirachta indica on Chironomids Larvae  | 
J. A. Adakole, S. Ogwu 2515-2519
Solving Mammography Problems of Breast Cancer Detection Using Artificial Neural Networks and Image Processing Techniques  | 
Moh'd Rasoul A. Al-Hadidi, Mohammed Y. Al-Gawagzeh, Bayan A. Alsaaidah 2520-2528
The Modelling of Rip Channel in Creation of Rip Currents  | 
Ali Ghorbani, Amirhosein Rasulyjamnany 2529-2533
Boiler Parametric Study to Decrease Irreversibility  | 
Mehdi Bakhshesh, Amir Vosough 2534-2539
Selecting of Optimal Methods for the Technology Transfer by Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)  | 
Mehri Chehrehpak, Abutorab Alirezaei, Maryam Farmani 2540-2546
Soil Physico-chemical Characteristics of Bryophytic Vegetation Residing Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary (KWLS), Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand, India  | 
Yateesh Mohan Bahuguna, Sumeet Gairola, D. P. Semwal, P. L. Uniyal, A. B. Bhatt 2547-2553
Application of ( G'/ G )-expansion Method to Nonlinear Lienard Equation  | 
E. Salehpour, H. Jafari, N. Kadkhoda 2454-2456
Digital Simulation of Two Level Inverter Based on Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation  | 
Snehasish Pal, Suvarun Dalapati 2557-2568
Tracking Mobile User through Adaptive Beamforming for Wireless Cellular Networks in a 2D Urban Environment  | 
Mohamad Dosaranian-Moghadam, Hamidreza Bakhshi 2569-2577
Physiological Characterization of Rice under Salinity Stress during Vegetative and Reproductive Stages  | 
Farshid Aref, Hassan Ebrahimi Rad 2578-2586
Rapeseed Residue Management for Weed Control and Corn Production  | 
Mansour Sarajuoghi, Saeed Mafakheri, Raheleh Rostami, Masoumeh Shahbazi 2587-2589
Probing Efficiency Scale of Fuzzy Neural Network on forecasting Stock Exchange of the Automobile Industries in Iran  | 
Ali Sorayaei, M. R. Salimi, Masoumeh Seifi Divkolaii 2590-2592
Information Disclosure by Data Mining Approach  | 
Naser Azad, Vahid Ranjbar, Davood Khani, Sara Taheri Moosavi 2593-2602
Control Algorithm for Emission Test Simulation  | 
S. B. Ayati, H. A. Nozari, A. Ordys, G. Collier 2603-2609
A Study on Comparison between Fuzzy Assignment Problems Using Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers with Average Method  | 
S. Manimaran, M. Ananthanarayanan 2610-2613
Effect of Doxorubicin on the Morphology, Histology and Karyology of Male Reproductive System of White Mice, Mus musculus  | 
Thiagarajan Sridevi, P. V. Nisha, G. Appavu Arulnathan 2614-2618
Study of Heat Affected Zone for Choosing Suitable Shielding and Nozzle Gas in Plasma Arc Welding  | 
Ali Moarrefzadeh 2619-2626
Compression of the Effect of Individual and in Group Physical Exercise on State Anxiety in Young People  | 
Rasoul Karbalaee Shirifard, Hrant Avanesyan, Habib Honari, Soghra Ebrahimi Ghavam Abadi 2627-2632
Influence of Adjustment and Self-esteem on Family Environment  | 
Armin Mahmoudi 2633-2637
The Psychometric Analysis of the Persian Version of the Strategy Inventory for Language Learning of Rebecca L. Oxford  | 
Seyed Hossein Fazeli 2638-2644
The Effect of Practicing Pranayama on Test Anxiety and Test Performance  | 
Azadeh Nemati, Parya Habibi 2645-2650
The Relationship between the Extraversion Trait and Use of the English Language Learning Strategies  | 
Seyed Hossein Fazeli 2651-2657
Two Exercises as Trait Anxiety Mitigating Factors  | 
Rasoul Karbalaee Shirifard, Habib Honari 2658-2661

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