Volume 5, Issue 7, July 2012

Table of Contents


Simulation and Solving the Descriptive Equations on the Voltage Breakdown in Ultra-quick Circuit Breakers  | 
Adel Moradi, Bahram Noshad, Mohammad Sadegh Javadi 2949-2953
Physico-chemical Characterization and Associated Antioxidant Capacity of Fiber Concentrates from Moroccan Date Flesh  | 
A. Hasnaoui, M. A. Elhoumaizi, C. Borchani, H. Attia, S. Besbes 2954-2960
Generation Expansion Planning for Iranian Power Grid Aiming at Providing Reliability by Comparing WASP-IV Program and Proposed Algorithm by Dynamic Programming  | 
Bahram Noshad, Mina Goodarzi, Shahla Kivan 2961-2966
Novel Microstrip Patch Antenna to Use in 2×2 Sub Arrays for DBS Reception  | 
M. Ghiyasvand, A. Bakhtiari, R. A. Sadeghzadeh 2967-2971
Formal Modeling towards a Dynamic Organization of Multi-agent Systems Using Communicating X-machine and Z-notation  | 
Ghulam Ali, Sherafzal Khan, Nazir Ahmad Zafar, Farooq Ahmad 2972-2977
Solid State Bioprocessing for Scale up of Aspergillus tamari MTCC5152 Lipase and its Degreasing Effect on Cow Hide  | 
A. Dayanandan, S. Hilda Vimala Rani, M. Shanmugavel, A. Gnanamani, G. Suseela Rajakumar 2978-2983
Stochastic Geometry and its Application in Calculating Transmission Capacity of Wireless ad hoc Networks  | 
Farhad Asgari, Saheb Aghajari 2984-2986
Delineation of Fractured Zones in Crystalline Basement Rocks by Direct Current Electrical Resistivity Method in Oke-ila Area, Southwestern Nigeria  | 
K. E. Aweto 2987-2990
Investigating the Use of High Performance Concrete in Partially Prestressed Beams and Optimization of Partially Prestressed Ratio  | 
Yousef Zandi, Yasemin Akgun, Ahmet Durmus 2991-2996
Satellite Images Edge Detection Based on Morphology Models Fusion  | 
Mahdi Ghasemi Naraghi, Mahdi Koohi 2997-3000
Effects of some Anti-histamine on Erythrocyte Aspartate Amino Transferase and Alanine Amino Transferase Activities in Wistar Albino Rats  | 
B. Okwandu Ngozika, C. Monago Comfort, A. Uwakwe Austin, J. Ifemeje Chineye, U. Okeke Chukwubuike 3001-3004
A Novel Approach for Mitigating Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Drawn on Bit-torrent Protocol in Computer Networks  | 
S. S. Nagamuthu Krishnan, V. Saravanan 3005-3009
Aspergillus niger Biosensor Based on Tin Oxide (SnO2) Nanostructures: Nanopowder and Thin Film  | 
E. Azhir, R. Etefagh, N. Shahtahmasebi, M. Mohammadi, D. Amiri, R. Sarhaddi 3010-3012
Study on Discharge Information for Surgical Patients  | 
N. Sivarajan, R. Ganesan 3013-3016
Simulation and Environmental Assessment of Compression Ignition Engine Powered by Neat Biodiesels of Different Origin  | 
Mohd. Nematullah Nasim 3017-3021
Luminescence Studies of Eu3+ Doped BaGd2O4 Phosphor  | 
M. Srinivas, B. Appa Rao 3022-3026
Crust and Skeleton Approximation from Samples  | 
Mehran Ghandehari 3027-3030
Vermicomposting of Animal Dung and its Laboratory Evaluation  | 
Hargopal Singh, Pritpal Singh, S. S. Hundal 3031-3035
Discrimination between Internal Faults and Inrush Current Phenomena in Power Transformers  | 
Bahram Noshad, Mohammad Sadegh Javadi, Ali Esmaeelnejad 3036-3040
The Influence of Personality Traits on the Use of Memory English Language Learning Strategies  | 
Seyed Hossein Fazeli 3041-3046
Biodegradation of Reactive Red M8B by Bacterial Consortium SpNb1  | 
Bhatt Nikhil, Thummar Sapna, Balapure Kshama 3047-3053
Optimal Capacitor Placement in Distribution Networks Using Genetic Algorithm  | 
Majid Davoodi, Mohsen Davoudi, Iraj Ganjkhany, Ali Aref 3054-3058
Comparing the Effectiveness of Acupressure and Fish Oil Capsules and Ibuprofen on Pain Severity of Primary Dysmenorrhea  | 
F. Behmanesh, M. Zafari, M. Zeinalzadeh, A. Aghamohammadi, S. Akbarpoor 3059-3064
Performance Evaluation of Investment Companies: a Free Disposal Hull Approach  | 
Sahar Alimardani, Masoud Ghafari, Maryam Farmani 3065-3068
Intuition and its Effects on Mathematical Learning  | 
Ashraf Babaei, Mehrnaz Chaiichi-Mellatshahi, Maryam Najafi 3069-3072
Investigation of the Key Success Factors in Virtual Tourism  | 
Mohammad Mahmoudi Maymand, Hassan Farsijani, Sara. S Tahery Moosavi 3073-3080

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