Volume 5, Issue 8, August 2012

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Application of Differential Quadrature Method to Investigate Dynamics of a Curved Beam Structure Acted upon by a Moving Concentrated Load  | 
Ali Nikkhoo, Hassan Kananipour, Hossein Chavoshi, Raham Zarfam 3085-3089
Irrigation Scheduling Impact Assessment MODel (ISIAMOD): a Decision Tool for Irrigation Scheduling  | 
Henry. E. Igbadun 3090-3099
Flow Simulation of River Omi, Ibadan, Nigeria, Using Average Proportionality and Linear Regression Methods  | 
A. A. Adegbola, O. A. Kumolu 3100-3104
Phytochemistry and Hemostatic Properties of some Medicinal Plants Sold as Anti-hemorrhagic in Cotonou Markets (Benin)  | 
C. Dandjesso, J. R. Klotoa, T. V. Dougnon, J. Segbo, J-M. Ategbo, F. Gbaguidi, L. Fah, B. Fanou, F. Loko, K. Dramane 3105-3109
Mobile Path Loss Slope for Indian Suburban Areas  | 
B. Bhikshapathy, V. M. Pandharipande, P. G. Krishna Mohan 3110-3114
Pragmatics of Hybrid Approach DEA/VIKOR to Assess International Airports of Iran  | 
Amin Foroughi, M. H. Tahari, Hamid Babaei Meybodi, M. J. Esfahani 3115-3121
A Novel Area Coverage Management Scheme for Sensor Network with Mobile Sensor Nodes  | 
Archana Mishra, Sudhansu Sekhar Singh, Saikath Bhattacharya, Prasant Kumar Pattnaik 3122-3127
Stability Analysis of Caverns Excavated in Heterogeneous Salt formations  | 
S. Nazary Moghadam, H. Mirzabozorg, A. Noorzad, K. Nazokkar 3128-3131
Antimicrobial Profile of Crude Extracts Calotropis Procera and Centella Asiatica against some Important Pathogens  | 
Varahalarao Vadlapudi, Mohan Behara, D. S. V. G. K. Kaladhar, S. V. N. Suresh Kumar, B. Seshagiri, M. John Paul 3132-3136
Anatomical Study of Supraclavicular Perforator Artery and its Clinical Application as Sensate Supraclavicular Artery Propeller Flap in the Reconstruction of Post Burns Scar Contracture Neck  | 
T. M. Balakrishnan, N. Sivarajan 3137-3141
Independent Toxic Effects of Metallic Compounds on Indian Major Carps  | 
P. Senthilkumaar, S. Eswari, K. Velmurugan, S. Sarojini 3142-3149
Design and Reliability Analysis of Image Type Head Gesture Interface in Distributed Control System  | 
Chern-Sheng Lin, Hsiang-Wen Tseng, Yun-Long Lay, Chia-Tse Chen, Mau-Shiun Yeh 3150-3156
HIV/AIDS Projection in Tamilnadu Using Back Calculation Method  | 
P. Venkatesan, D. Ramamurthy, N. Sundaram 3157-3162
Evaluation of Sensory Properties of Toast Breads Containing Banana Powder  | 
Sanaz Zharfi, Sara Movahed, Hossein Ahmadi Chenarbon, Ali Reza Shahab Lavasani 3163-3164
Metacyclic 2-groups with the same Conjugacy Classes and their Commutativity Degree  | 
K. Moradipour, N. H. Sarmin, A. Erfanian 3165-3168
Factors Influencing Human Errors during Work Permit Issuance by the Electric Power Transmission Network Operators  | 
A. R. Haji Hosseini, M. J. Jafari, Y. Mehrabi, G. H. Halwani, A. Ahmadi 3169-3173
Absorption of 9.6μm CO2 Laser Beam by Nitrous Oxide  | 
Priyalakshmi Goswami, A. Gohain Barua 3174-3176
Finite-element Simulation of Aluminum Temperature Field and Thermal Profile in Laser Welding Process  | 
Ali Moarrefzadeh 3177-3182
Experimental Analysis of Flat Plate Solar Air Collector Efficiency  | 
Amir Hematian, Yahya Ajabshirchi, Amir Abbas Bakhtiari 3183-3187
Suspended Sediment Concentration Estimation Using Artificial Neural Networks and Neural-fuzzy Inference System Case Study: Karaj Dam  | 
Abdolmajid Muhammadi, Gholamhossein Akbari, Gholamreza Azizzian 3188-3193
Efficient Estimation of Effort Using Machine-learning Technique for Software Cost  | 
S. Malathi, S. Sridhar 3194-3196
A Robust Approach for Surface Defect Detection Based on one Dimensional Local Binary Patterns  | 
Shervan Fekri-ershad, Farshad Tajeripour 3197-3203
The Impact of Color Application on the Learning of 5th Grade, Primary School Students from their Perspective in Chevar District of Ilam City, Iran  | 
Shahin Gheyasi 3204-3207
The Role of Listening Comprehension in Dictation  | 
Parya Habibi, Azadeh Nemati, Sharmin Habibi 3208-3210
The Prediction Use of English Language Learning Strategies Based on Personality Traits among the Female University Level Learners  | 
Seyed Hossein Fazeli 3211-3217
Studying Long Memory of Tehran Stock Exchange  | 
Hashem Nikoomaram, Marjan Anbarestani 3218-3222
Parametrical Analysis of Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Aluminum AA7075 and AA2024 Using Graph Labeling  | 
J. Jayapriya, D. Muruganandam, K. Thirusangu, Sushil Lal Das 3223-3226

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