Volume 5, Issue 12, December 2012

Table of Contents


The Tolerance of Linear Scanning and the Scanning Angle of Holographic Zone Plate in Optical Thin-film Elements  | 
Hung-Jung Shei 3701-3705
Advanced Stable Explicit Solution of Transient Flow Equations  | 
K. Mazaheri, S. R. Sabbagh-Yazdi, A. Shamsai, M. Abbasi Fard 3706-3718
Design and Identify Tubercle Bacilli Diagnosis System with TSK-type Neuro Fuzzy Controllers  | 
Hsien-Tse Chen, Sheng-Fuu Lin, Yung-Chi Hsu 3719-3726
Dynamic Behavior of Functionally Graded Beams Traversed by a Moving Random Load  | 
Ali Nikkhoo, M. Amankhani 3727-3731
Experimental Study of Rock Strength by using Friction Transfer Method  | 
Ali Falakian 3732-3735
Modeling and Analysis of MRR in WEDMed WC-CO Composite by Response Surface Methodology  | 
V. Muthuraman, R. Ramakrishnan, L. Karthikeyan 3736-3740
A Novel Control Strategy Study for DFIG-based Wind Turbine  | 
Reza Sedaghati 3741-3745
Measurement of Residence Time Distributions of Coal Particles in a Pressurized Fluidized Bed Gasifier (PFBG) using Radio Tracer Technique  | 
J. S. Rao, N. V. S. Ramani, H. J. Pant, D. N. Reddy 3746-3752
Cellulase Activity and Kinetics in Rice Grasshopper Hieroglyphus banian (Orthoptera: acrididae)  | 
D. J. Haloi, A. Borkotoki, R. Mahanta, I. H. Haloi 3753-3757
The Effect of a New Generation Based Sequential Selection Operator on the Performance of Genetic Algorithm  | 
Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani, Sadegh Eskandari 3758-3761
Adaptive Multi Machine PSS Design for Low Frequency Oscillations Damping  | 
Fariborz Parandin, Ali Mohammadi, Hosain Sariri 3762-3766
Fixed Point Theorem in Fuzzy Metric Spaces Satisfying E.A Property  | 
Vishal Gupta, Ashima Kanwar 3767-3769
Salinity and Seawater Intrusion into the Ground Water  | 
Funda Daikmen 3770-3775
Evaluating the Efficiency of Decision Making Units in the Presence of Flexible and Negative Data  | 
S. Kordrostami, M. Jahani Sayyad Noveiri 3776-3782
Effect of Roughness Geometry on Characteristics of Density Currents Head  | 
Reza Nasrollahpour, Mehdi Ghomeshi 3783-3787
Construct Stereoscopic Teaching System of Software Engineering Course Based on CDIO  | 
Yali Su, Hewen Tang 3788-3791
Towards a New Method to Analyze the Soccer Teams Tactical Behaviour: Measuring the Effective Area of Play  | 
M. Filipe Clemente, Micael S. Couceiro, Fernando. M. L. Martins 3792-3801
The Effect of Geogebra on Students'conceptual and Procedural Knowledge of Function  | 
Hutkemri, Effandi Zakaria 3802-3808
Investigation on Relationship between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction (Case-study in Iranian Shahidrajayi Port)  | 
Masoumeh Shanaki, Vahid Ranjbar, Fatemeh Shakhsian 3809-3818
The Evaluation of Environmental Hazards of Urban Squatter Settlements Based on GIS, the Case Study: North Squatter Settlements of Tabriz city, Iran  | 
Saeed Maleki, Akbar Asghari Zamani 3819-3824
Srinivas Ramanujan - The Genius  | 
Yatindra Singh 3825-3833
Chitosan Silver Nanoparticles Assisted Oxidation of Textile Dyes with H2O2 Aqueous Solution: Kinetic Studies with pH and Mass Effect  | 
J. Santhanalakshmi, V. Dhanalakshmi 3834-3838

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