Volume 4, Issue S8, August 2011

II. Sex Determination & Gonad Differentiation

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Conference Proceedings

Sex in Salmonids: From Gonadal Differentiation to Genetic Sex Determination  | 
A. Yano, B. Nicol, K. Valdivia, A. Juanchich, T. Desvignes, M. Caulier, A. Vazir Zadeh, A. Guerin, E. Jouanno, T. Nguyen, B. Mourot, H. Rime, P. Bodinnier, C. Cauty, E. Quillet, R. Guyomard, J. Bobe, A Fostier, Y. Guiguen 60-61
Protandrous Black Porgy as a Model Animal to Investigate Gonadal Sex Differentiation and Sex Change  | 
G. C. Wu, C. F. Chang 62-63
Transcriptome Analysis of the Molecular Mechanisms for Tilapia Sex Determination, Differentiation and Sex Reversal  | 
D. S. Wang 64-65
A Duplicated, Y-Linked Copy of the Anti-Mullerian Gene Determines Testicular formation in Patogonian Pejerrey Odontesthes hatcheri  | 
R. S. Hattori, Y. Murai, M. Oura, S. Masuda, S. K. Majhi, T. Sakamoto, J. I. Fernandino, G. M. Somoza, M. Yokota, C. A. Strüssmann 66-66
The Fate of Ovarian Somatic Cells during Sex Change in the Protogynous Wrasse, Halichoeres trimaculatus  | 
R. Nozu, R. Horiguchi, R. Murata, Y. Kobayashi, M. Nakamura 67-68
Growth and Sex Differentiation Relationship in the European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)  | 
N. Díaz, L. Ribas, F. Piferrer 69-70
Molecular Characterization of Testis Differentiation in the Siberian Sturgeon, Acipenser baerii  | 
J. Berbejillo, A. Martinez-Bengochea, G. Bedó, D. Vizziano-Cantonnet 71-72
Gene Expression Profiling during Gonadal Differentiation in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Using a next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Approach  | 
Ayaka Yano, Elodie Jouanno, Christophe Klopp, Yann Guiguen 73-73
Follistatin is Expressed along with Aromatase in Female Gonads during Sex Differentiation in the Rainbow Trout  | 
Barbara Nicol, Ayaka Yano, Elodie Jouanno, Adale Branthonne, Alexis Fostier, Yann Guiguen 74-74
Gonadal Expression Patterns of Steroidogenesis-Related Genes during Sex Differentiation in Zebrafish  | 
M. Caulier, A. Guérin, C. Cauty, N. Hinfray, F. Brion, Y. Guiguen 75-75
Masculinization in Rainbow Trout Carrying the Mal Mutation is Temperature Sensitive  | 
K. Valdivia, E. Jouanno, B. Mourot, E. Quillet, R. Guyomard, J-N. Volff, D. Galiana-Arnoux, C. Cauty, A. Fostier, Y. Guiguen 76-76
Molecular Cloning of Common Carp Gonadal Soma Derived Factor (GSDF)  | 
T. Fujimoto, T. Ohmae, S. Sato, R. Horiguchi, Y. Nagahama, T. Hirai 77-77
Transcriptome Analysis of Artificially Induced Sex Reversal in the Nile Tilapia  | 
B. F. Huang, Y. L. Sun, D. S. Wang 78-79
Micrornas Expression during Fish Oogenesis and Sex Differentiation  | 
A. Juanchich, C. Klopp, Y. Guiguen, J. Bobe 80-80
Involvement of Olfaction in Sexual Behavior in Goldfish  | 
Y. Kawaguchi, T. Mitsuhashi, A. Kitami, A. Nagaoka, Y. Hayakawa, M. Kobayashi 81-81
High Temperature Causes Masculinization of Genetically Female Medaka by Elevation of Cortisol Level  | 
T. Kitano, Y. Hayashi, T. Yamaguchi, E. Shiraishi 82-83
Zebrafish Sex is Genetically Determined without Differentiated Sex Chromosomes  | 
W. C. Liew, R. Bartfai, Z. Lim, R. Sreenivasan, L. Orban 84-84
Molecular Cloning of WT1a and WT1b and their Possible Involvement in Fish Sex Determination and Differentiation  | 
S. Mohapatra, Z. H. Liu, L. Y. Zhou, Y. G. Zhang, D. S. Wang 85-86
Some Like it Hot: Temperature Selection during the Critical Period of Thermolabile Sex Determination in Pejerrey (Odontesthes bonariensis)  | 
J. Kaiga, C. A. Strüssmann, R. S. Hattori, M. Oura, M. Yokota 87-87
Isolation of Sex-Specific Markers in the Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, by AFLP  | 
Y. L. Sun, S. Zeng, K. Ye, C. Yang, D. S. Wang 88-88
Sexually Dimorphic Expression of Aromatase in the Medaka Brain  | 
A. Takeuchi, K. Okubo 89-89
Analysis of Regulational Mechanism of Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Receptor (FSHR) Expression Using FSHR-GFP Transgenic Medaka  | 
T. Uchikawa, H. Kobira, T. Hirai, T. Kitano 90-90
Undifferentiated Gonads of Pejerrey (Odontesthes bonariensis) Larvae Exposed to Masculinizing Temperatures Produce 11-ketotestosterone when Incubated with a Tritiated Precursor  | 
M. Blasco, G. M. Somoza, D. Vizziano-Cantonnet 91-92

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