Volume 4, Issue S8, August 2011

III. Reproductive Cycles, Behaviour

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Conference Proceedings

Ovarian Structures that Support Reproductive Cycles - Germline Stem Cells and their Niche Structure in Ovary  | 
M. Tanaka, S. Nakamura, D. Saito, K. Kobayashi, T. Nishimura 93-94
Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Imprinting and Homing Migration in Salmon  | 
Hiroshi Ueda 95-95
Reproductive Behaviour, the Absence of Reproductive Behaviour in Cultured (G1 Generation) and Chemical Communication in the Senegalese Sole (Solea senegalensis)  | 
Ignacio Carazo, Ignacio Martin, Peter Hubbard, Olvido Chereguini, Evaristo Maatanas, Adelino Canario, Neil Duncan 96-97
Male Tilapia Urinary Pheromone Induces Endocrine Sex Responses in Conspecific Females  | 
P. C. Hubbard, M. Huertas, O. G. Almeida, A. V. M. Canario 98-99
Inter-Populational Variation in the Reproductive Behaviour of the Peacock Blenny  | 
J. L. Saraiva, D. Gonasalves, R. F. Oliveira 100-101
Reproductive Biology of Giant Kokopu, Galaxias argenteus  | 
M. J. Wylie, G. P. Closs, P. M. Lokman 102-103
Molecular Characterization and Expression Patterns of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (Tunnus thynnus) Leptin during the Reproductive Season  | 
E. Yanowski, C. C. Mylonas, A. Corriero, C. R. Bridges, R. Vassallo-Aguis, F. De La Gandara, A. Belmonte, I. Meiri-Ashkenazi, H. Gordin, H. Rosenfeld 104-105
Aromatase Activity of Brain and Ovary in Relation to Annual Reproductive Cycle of the Indian Catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis  | 
N. Aggarwal, S. V. Goswami, N. Sehgal 106-107
Plasma Sex Steroid Profiles in Meagre (Argyrosomus regius)  | 
R. Valles, M. J. Bayarri, E. Maatanas, N. Duncan 108-108
The Effect of Temperature on Oogenesis and Brain Gene Expression of Hormones Involved in Reproduction and Growth in the Female Blue Gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus)  | 
Gad Degani, Dalia David, Gal Levy 109-110
Heterogeneous Distribution of Oocytes in the Ovaries of Prochilodus lineatus  | 
P. Hainfellner, T. G. De Souza, T. S. R. Nascimento, G. A. Freitas, S. R. Batlouni 111-112
Influences of Guarding Territory on Reproductive Activity in the Male Dwarf Gourami, Colisa lalia  | 
Y. Hayakawa, M. Kobayashi 113-113
Annual Reproductive Cycle and Spawning Behavior of Chameleon Goby, Tridentiger Trigonocephalus in Korea  | 
In Joon Hwang, Sang Jun Choi, Hyung Bae Kim, Hea Ja Baek 114-115
Season Dependent Effect of Dietary Lipids in Reproduction in the Indian Catfish Clarias batrachus  | 
Kaberi Acharia, B. Lal, T. P. Singh 116-117
Reproductive Physiology and Aggressive Behaviour of Females of the Social Cichlid Fish Cichlasoma dimerus (perciformes)  | 
C. Tubert, F. Lo Nostro, M. Pandolfi 118-119
Annual Variations of Maturation Inducing Steroid in Two Cultured Generations of Senegalese Sole, Solea senegalensis  | 
M. J. Bayarri, J. M. Guzmain, J. Ramos, V. Piquer, E. Maatanas 120-121
Effects of Perfusion of Testicular Fractions on Brain Catecholamines in the Female Catfish Heteropneustes fossilis  | 
S. Mishra, R. Chaube 122-123
Expression Profiles of Gthβ Subunit mRNAs during Seasonal and Spawning Cycles in Female Chub Mackerel Scomber japonicus and in Vitro Steroid Potency of Purified Gths in Vitellogenic Oocytes  | 
M. Nyuji, H. Ohga, H. Kitano, S. Selvaraj, M. Yoneda, A. Shimizu, A. Yamaguchi, M. Matsuyama 124-125
'Out-of-season' Production of 17,20β-dihydroxypregn-4-en-3-one Challenges the Dogma that it is Solely a 'Maturation-Inducing Hormone' in Fish  | 
Alexander P. Scott, Tim Ellis 126-126
Circannual Variations in Plasma Levels of Unconjugated and Conjugated Testosterone and Estradiol-17β in Female Cirrhinus mrigala (Ham.)  | 
H. K. Singh, P. B. Singh 127-128
Osmoregulatory, Metabolic and Endocrine Responses of Air-Breathing Fish (Anabas testudineus Bloch) to Exogenous Estradiol-17β  | 
Valsa S. Peter, M. C. Subhash Peter 129-129
Environmental Control of Gonadal Development in the Female Blacktip Grouper Epinephelus fasciatus  | 
Yong-Ju Park, Hyeong-Cheol Kang, Chi-Hoon Lee, Young-Bo Song, Sang-Woo Hur, Hea-Ja Baek, Hyung-Bae Kim, Young-Don Lee 130-130
Effect of Photoperiod on Gonadotropin (FSHβ and LHβ) Regulation in the Damselfish, Chromis notata  | 
Yong-Ju Park, Gi-Su Song, Byeong-Hoon Kim, Seung-Hyeon Lee, Se-Jae Kim, Akihiro Takemura, Young-Don Lee 131-131

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