Volume 4, Issue S8, August 2011

I. Reproductive Neuroendocrinology

Table of Contents

Keynote Address

Fish and Reproductive Physiology - a Journey from Basic and Translational Science to a Recognized Vertebrate Model  | 
Yonathan Zohar 1-1

Conference Proceedings

40 Years of Research on the "Reproductive Brain" of Teleost Fishes  | 
Olivier Kah 2-3
Evolutionary Origin of a Functional Gonadotropin in the Pituitary of the most Primitive Vertebrate, Hagfish  | 
K. Uchida, S. Moriyama, S. A. Sower, M. Nozaki 4-5
Sex Differences in Estrogen and Androgen Signaling in the Medaka Brain  | 
K. Okubo 6-6
A Novel Peak of Functional Neurosteroidogenesis and Estrogen Signalling in the Early Brain Development of Orange-spotted Grouper Epinephelus Coioides  | 
G. Nagarajan, A. Aruna, C. F. Chang 7-8
Developmental Tracing of LH Beta Gene Expression Using a Stable Line of Transgenic Medaka Reveals Putative Developmental Function and Pituitary Distribution  | 
J. Hildahl, G. K. Sandvik, R. Lifjeld, Y. Nagahama, T. M. Haug, K. Okubo, F. A Weltzien 9-9
Kisspeptin - Photoperiod/gonadal Steroid Relationships in the Brain of Two Perciforms, the Striped and Hybrid Basses  | 
N. Zmora, J. Stubblefield, Z. Zulperi, U. Klenke, Y. Zohar 10-11
Novel Neuropeptides Involved in the Control of Puberty and Reproduction in Fish  | 
B. Levavi-Sivan, J. Biran, S. Ben-Dor, O. Palevitch 12-12
Kisspeptins Regulate Fish Reproduction  | 
Ishwar S. Parhar 13-13
Sexual Behavior in Teleosts: Role of Gonadal Hormones  | 
B. Paul-Prasanth, Y. Nagahama 14-14
Effects of Arginine Vasotocin on the Hypothalamic-pituitary-gonads Axis: a Behavioural Aproach  | 
M. Ramallo, M. Grober, M. Pandolfi 15-16
Negative Impact of Stress on Reproduction: Role of Brain and Gill during Salinity Response in Tilapia  | 
A. Aruna, G. Nagarajan, C. F. Chang 17-18
Cloning and Characterization of Vasotocin in the Catfish Heteropneustes Fossilis: Seasonal and Tissue Expression Studies  | 
P. Banerjee, R. Chaube, K. P. Joy 19-20
The Neuroendocrine Control of Pubertal Development in Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus)  | 
N. Berkovich, A. Corriero, N. Santamaria, C. C. Mylonas, C. R. Bridges, R. Vassallo-Aguis, F. De La Gandara, A. Belmonte, K. Mislov, I. Katavic, A. Elizur, I. Meiri-Ashkenazi, H. Gordin, H. Rosenfeld 21-22
Characterization of the Kisspeptin Systems in the Brain of the European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax): Relationships with Oestrogen Receptors  | 
S. Escobar, A. Servili, A. Felip, S. S. Zanuy, M. Carrillo, O. Kah 23-24
Effects of Etiocholanolone Glucuronide, a Putative Pheromone on Brain and Plasma Vasotocin Levels in the Catfish Heteropneustes fossilis  | 
R. Chaube, R. K. Singh, K. P. Joy 25-26
Ontogenic Expression Profiles of Gonadotropins (fshb, lhb) and Growth Hormone (gh) during Sexual Differentiation and Puberty Onset in Female Zebrafish  | 
W. T. Chen, W. Ge 27-28
Sex-dependent Expression of Estrogen and Androgen Receptor Genes in the Medaka Brain  | 
T. Hiraki, K. Okubo 29-29
The Brain-pituitary Axis Structure in Captivity Reared Females of Steindachneridion parahybae (Siluriformes)  | 
R. M. Honji, D. Caneppele, M. Pandolfi, F. Lo Nostro, R. G. Moreira 30-31
Expression of Deep-brain Photoreceptor, Vertebrate Ancient Long Opsin, in the Japanese Medaka  | 
T. Kitahashi, I. S. Parhar 32-32
Expression Patterns of the Kisspeptin System and GnRH1 Correlate in their Response to Gonadal Feedback in Female Striped Bass  | 
U. Klenke, N. Zmora, J. Stubblefield, Y. Zohar 33-34
Releasing-hormone and Melatonin Receptors in the Brain of a Venezuelan Catfish, "Sierra Negra" (Oxydoras Sifontesi)  | 
D. Marcano, A. Espinoza, E. Cardillo, G. Poleo, H. Y. Guerrero 35-35
Effect of Thermal Regime on the Expression of Sex-related Genes in Female European Eel  | 
I. Mazzeo, D. S. Peñaranda, V. Gallego, R. Nourizadeh-Lillabadi, H. Tveiten, F. A. Weltzien, J. F. Asturiano, L. Pérez 36-37
Effects of Daily High Water Temperature Fluctuations on Brain-pituitary-gonad Axis of Pejerrey (Odontesthes bonariensis) during its Reproductive Season  | 
L. A. Miranda, T. Chalde, M. Elisio 38-39
Comparative Analysis of Yellowtail Kingfish and Zebrafish Kiss and Kiss Receptor Gene Promoters  | 
J. N. Nocillado, A. S. Mechaly, A. Elizur 40-40
Kisspeptin Signaling and Reproduction in Flatfish  | 
A. S. Mechaly, J. Viñas, F. Piferrer 41-42
Partial Cloning and Characterization of Vasotocin1a Receptor Gene in the Catfish Heteropneustes fossilis: Seasonal and Tissue Expression Study  | 
A. Rawat, R. Chaube, K. P. Joy 43-44
The Cell Context Influences Rainbow Trout Gonadotropin Receptors' Selectivity  | 
A. Saha, E. Sambroni, J. Bogerd, R. W. Schulz, F. Le Gac, J. J. Lareyre 45-46
Steroidogenic Gene Expression in the Brain of an Indian Major Carp, Labeo rohita (HAM.)  | 
N. Saravanan, T. Uma, F. J. Pratheeba, P. Sarumathi, G. Sundari, R. M. Inbaraj 47-48
Regulation of Onset of Sexual Maturation by Melanocortin Receptor 4 Polymorphisms in Xiphophorus  | 
M. Schartl, S. Schories, C. Schmidt, P. Fischer, K. Lampert, J.-N. Volff, C. Hoffmann, M. Lohse 49-49
Kisspeptin and GnRH Expression Profiles in the Brain and Pituitary of Female Chub Mackerel (Scomber japonicus) during the Spawning Cycle  | 
S. Selvaraj, H. Kitano, M. Amano, M. Nyuji, H. Ohga, A. Yamaguchi, M. Yoneda, A. Shimizu, M. Matsuyama 50-51
Neuroanatomical Characterization of Two Independent Kisspeptin Systems Derived from Evolutionary-ancient Kiss Genes in the Brain of Zebrafish  | 
A. Servili, Y. L. Page, J. Leprince, A. Caraty, S. Escobar, I. S. Parhar, Y. J. Seong, H. Vaudry, O. Kah 52-53
Effects of Catecholamines on Brain and Plasma Vasotocin Levels in the Catfish Heteropneustes fossilis  | 
R. K. Singh, R. Chaube, K. P. Joy 54-55
GnRH Elevates the Cytosolic Ca2+ Concentration in Medaka LH-producing Gonadotrope Cells  | 
R. A. U. Strandabø, F-A. Weltzien, T. M. Haug 56-56
Analysis of Genes Regulated by High Temperature in Medaka  | 
T. Uchimura, Y. Hayashi, S. Tashiro, E. Shiraishi, T. Kitano 57-57
FSH Plasma Levels during Testicular Recrudescence of Precocious and Non Precocious Male European Sea Bass Using a Newly Developed Species Specific Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (Elisa)  | 
G. Molés, A. Rocha, F. Espigares, A. Gomez, M. Carrillo, S. Zanuy 58-59

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